6 pictures of the the Cathedral of Learning
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Five years ago, undergraduate student Sami Robertson anonymously built an Instagram account, @cathedral_thoughts, which imagined the Cathedral of Learning as a character full of sass, self-confidence and sharp wit.

It started as a fun way to document her Pitt experience, but the account grew in followers who then sent her glamour shots of the Cathedral — lovingly nicknamed “Cathy” — in hopes she would post them.

“I kept the account anonymous because it didn't matter who the face behind the account was, but rather who the account was supposed to be about: Cathy. I thought that it would make the idea of Cathy being able to talk to us more real if the followers didn't know who the human was behind it,” she said. “I loved interacting with so many interesting students, alumni, staff and members of the community. Their comments, likes and support felt like a small pod of the Pitt community we all know and love.

Robertson studied French with minors in Spanish and theatre arts in the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and most recently completed a Master of Arts in teaching from the School of Education. Now, she’s set to embark on a new adventure as a Spanish teacher for Wilkinsburg School District’s Kelly Primary Elementary.

To close the @cathedral_thoughts chapter of her life, Robertson will appear on the University of Pittsburgh’s Instagram account on Thursday, Aug. 12. Join in at noon to learn more about her, the future of the account and her advice to students as the fall term approaches. DM your questions to @pittofficial.

— Katie Johnstone