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Get fresh greens all year round at many Pitt dining locations

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In line with its goals toward greater sustainability and healthier food options, Pitt has partnered with Fifth Season, a local urban agriculture company, to provide fresh greens for dining vendors on campus.

The Pittsburgh-based company uses innovative agricultural methods, including robotics, to grow lettuce, spinach and other greens year-round using 97% less land and 95% less water than traditional farming methods.

Many dining locations on campus now serve Fifth Season greens, including Pom & Honey, The Roost, Smokeland BBQ, the prepackaged salads at Forbes Street Market and several stations at The Eatery and The Perch.

This partnership furthers Pitt’s aims to implement more eco-friendly strategies across different parts of the University to become a greener campus.

Reflecting the Pitt Sustainability plan, Pitt EATS aims to “build food systems that support a healthy body and healthy planet, strengthen local communities and minimize waste.”

Collaborating with a local environmental technology start-up like Fifth Season is a way for Pitt to commit to these climate action goals while contributing to the Pittsburgh area economy.

“We are committed to achieving the goals of the Pitt Sustainability plan,” said Julie Bannister, assistant vice chancellor for auxiliary services. “We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with local organizations to further our sustainability goals and create innovative solutions.” 

The partnership also allows Pitt community members to get more involved in food production and distribution. The company employs six student ambassadors to sample their greens and better understand the needs and tastes of the campus.

“I could not love the company or the product more,” said Gillian Mullins, a senior studying marketing and supply chain management who serves as one of the ambassadors. “I’m grateful to work for a company that supports Pittsburgh and is working to change how we view the current food system.”

Grant Vandenbussche, chief category officer at Fifth Season said, “Pitt students are passionate leaders in selecting sustainable and healthy dining options on campus. Fifth Season is committed to aiding Pitt’s ambitious sustainability targets by ensuring the community has year-round access to delicious and fun eco-friendly products.”

Learn more about Pitt Eats’ commitment to wellness and sustainability, plus dining locations, hours and menus.


— Justin P. Jones