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COVID-19 Relief Bill Aids Funding Student Educational Experience, Classroom Safety


In the second round of funding under the federal COVID-10 relief bill, the University of Pittsburgh received $10.6 million which it has designated to support investments the University has been making in educational experiences and in the health and well-being of the Pitt community since the beginning of the pandemic.

In keeping with federal guidelines that specify that the second batch of COVID-19 relief funding is intended to cover institutional expenses, this funding is being applied to support Pitt students’ learning experience through technology and training for the development of the Flex @ Pitt hybrid teaching model, as well as measures that help protect the health and safety of the University community and other costs that will allow students to safely return to campus for the fall term. These expenses add to the substantial costs Pitt incurred beginning in the spring semester.  

The well-being and educational experience of Pitt students is a key priority as the University assesses how best to continue putting these funds to use within federal guidance. 

Pitt remains committed to supporting students who’ve faced unprecedented stresses and financial challenges long before COVID-19. The University of Pittsburgh appreciates the funding support from Congress while acknowledging that it offsets only a small portion of the total costs incurred to support our community while maximizing our mission in these difficult times.