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On Pitt Day of Giving, give today so we can transform tomorrow

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Pitt Day of Giving (PDoG) 2022 is here. The 24-hour fundraising event began at midnight and concludes at 11:59 tonight.

PDoG gives anyone — alumni, students, faculty, staff, family and friends — the chance to support the University causes or groups most meaningful to them. In 2021, more than 11,100 members of the Pitt community supported scholarships, research, experiential learning and other initiatives that make Pitt extraordinary.

“We are thrilled to see the excitement generated by this sixth annual Pitt Day of Giving,” said Jake Strang, assistant vice chancellor for alumni annual giving. “Today is all about participation and our community’s ability to come together. We want everyone to join us in making a gift because every dollar we receive enhances the student experience, advances research initiatives and ensures the University’s ongoing success.”

In addition to regular donations, each year, there’s also an opportunity for groups to unlock extra funds from a pool of $200,000 provided by donors and trustees. For example, in the Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Challenge, trustee Lisa Golden will release $5,000 to the area that receives the most donations from recent alumni. Student organizations, too, can get a boost: From 6-7 p.m., the student organization with the most gifts during the “power hour” will get an additional $1,000.

Men’s Rugby was one of the many student groups that benefited from last year’s Day of Giving, winning $1,500 in challenge funds. As a club sport, every expense for the team comes out of pocket, so the 230 gifts they received helped to fund equipment, transportation and competition fees.

“We have a great set of guys that are motivated to do fundraising, service projects, and they’re just really dedicated to the game,” said Alex Busterna, who serves as the fundraising chair for the team.

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PDoG also supports groups such as the Hillel Jewish Student Union (JSU).

“Pitt Day of Giving is enormously important as an opportunity for people to contribute to causes and groups that make a real difference in the lives of our students,” said Dan Marcus of Hillel JSU, the heart of Jewish student life at Pitt for 70 years. Marcus has been executive director and CEO of Hillel Jewish University Center since 2013.

“For Pitt Hillel, it’s deeply appreciated as it directly supports the Jewish social, cultural and ritual life, and activities that are so meaningful to our students,” he said.

Each year, the 1,600 strong JSU organizes events such as Shabbat meals, holiday gatherings and social activities that give students a chance to forge impactful personal connections and community.

“We accept and welcome any student regardless of their level of observance,” said senior and Hillel JSU President Eva Shterengarts. “We just try to make Judaism as fun and exciting as we can during college.”

Over the last five years, Pitt Day of Giving has seen 25,910 unique donors who together have contributed more than $23 million.

Join in on the festivities this year, read more stories of PDoG’s impact and give today.