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Your 2022 guide to dining on the Pittsburgh campus

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Pitt Eats makes healthy, sustainable eating on campus easy and accessible. From locally grown greens to halal-certified beef, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s palate at the dozens of markets and restaurants on the Pittsburgh campus.

Here’s what you need to know. Plus, follow Pitt Eats on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Dietary restrictions don’t restrict taste

The University is dedicated to supporting diversity in its classrooms — and its food offerings.

Whether you are vegetarian or vegan, follow a faith-based diet or have specific allergies, there’s food for you. Access menus on the Pitt Eats website and through the Dine on Campus app, including nutrition facts, ingredients and serving sizes.

Pitt Eats’ campus dietician is available for consultations for students with dietary restrictions.

Stay caffeinated

With 16 locations across campus, you are never far from coffee and tea. Pitt Eats partners with local roasters specializing in fair trade, certified organic and top-quality products so you can feel good getting your buzz.

Study fuel

Meal memberships provide students access to The Eatery, The Perch, a grocery store, on-campus restaurants and markets, whether you live on campus or commute. Students also receive a 10% discount with Dining Dollars at any on-campus, non-national brand restaurant.

The Pitt Eats dining plans also include a meal swap option allowing students to use a meal swipe at any on-campus restaurant for up to $10.

Keeping it green

In partnership with Babylon Micro-Farms, Pitt Eats manages hydroponic growing units in The Eatery, The Perch, Cathedral Café and Schenley Café.

The installation of the micro-farms increases awareness among diners about sustainable food and the food system by showing you where food comes from and how food grows — creating a connection between the students and the food they eat.

Pitt Eats’ commitment to serving 50% of to-go meals and beverages in reusable containers and expanding food waste composting by 50% by 2025 are just some ways campus dining aligns with the Pitt Sustainability Plan.

You can even sustainably get your bubbly on at the newly installed SodaStream Professional stations in Towers Lobby, the University Store on Fifth and the Baierl Recreation Center. Fill your reusable water bottle with still or sparking water in customizable flavors, carbonation level and water temperature.

Contact-free and mobile ordering

Link your Panther Card with the Transact Mobile Ordering App to order from your favorite campus restaurants. Each location has a designated pick-up area indicated by the Transact Mobile Icon or "Pick Up Here" signage.

In addition to mobile ordering, contact-free kiosk ordering is available at all food court locations — Cathedral Café, Schenley Café, Petersen Event Center Food Court and Einstein’s at Posvar.

Ways to pay for faculty and staff

Pitt Ca$h offers tax-free purchases and a 10% discount at University dining and cafes for Pitt employees. Easily set up for automatic deduction from payroll and use your University ID like a debit card.


— Melanie Lippert and Nichole Faina