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Pitt veterans share their stories through art in a new exhibit

a person painting a mask split in half with stripes on one side and camo on the other

The University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Veterans Services (OVS) is helping Pitt veterans address traumas and share their stories through art.

On Oct. 27, OVS hosted an event in Posvar Hall that welcomed veteran alumni, staff members and students to create paper masks representing their military stories. Participants decorated the masks with paint, drawings, images, patches and other significant items.

“We chose masks as a way to make the exhibit more human,” said OVS Program Coordinator Kameron Langston. “As if the person [who is] looking at the mask is looking at the veteran. The mask allows the veteran to tell the story of their military career without having to actually speak the words and relive their experiences.” 

The exhibit will be on display to the public at the College of General Studies’ McCarl Center for Nontraditional Student Success from Nov. 7-11. Discover other Veterans Week events