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Student SciComm YouTube Channel Expands

Three team members from Pitt student-run YouTube channel, bioZone

A YouTube channel run by Pitt students, bioZone, has expanded, adding new members and content to the educational effort.

Joining the crew are PhD students Marissa Di, Dante Poe, Roshni Bhatt and Mark Ebeid. Each of these new members are enrolled in the Computational and Systems Biology program in the School of Medicine .

To change things up, bioZone has shifted from exclusively creating long-form content to making shorter videos as well, educating the audience with more attention-grabbing methods. The group is also taking part in a science communication contest hosted by the popular YouTube channel, Veritasium. The purpose of the contest is to highlight science communicators who are required to create short-form videos that are one minute or less in length.

The team has been working to collaborate with other channels on the platform as well, such as Patrick Kelly, The Daring Monkey and Lumi at the Benchtop.