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Pitt Community Engagement Center exceeds backpack drive goal

Woman with purple shirt holding thumbs up next to piles of backpacks

On Sept. 14, the Pitt Community Engagement Center in Homewood (CEC) hosted a Backpack Drive for the East Hills Community Center. With a goal set for 100 backpacks, the organization exceeded this number in only two weeks.

The backpack initiative is one of many spearheaded by the CEC, described as "the front door to Pitt in Homewood." The organization's mission is to foster collaboration and partnership between community leaders and the University to build and strengthen "a sustainable foundation for the community's future."

The CEC in Homewood is one of two engagement centers and was the first established. The second is in the Hill District. These centers are currently home to various programs and other collaborative projects.

The centers are part of the Pitt's Neighborhood Commitments, a 15-year minimum commitment by the University to invest in infrastructure, programming and provide designated staff to local communities.

Visit the CEC website to learn more.