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Alumni Startup Wins Health Care Safety Prize

Lumis, a healthcare simulation and data startup company founded by Pitt alumni, recently became one of the winners of a competition sponsored by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and Innovation Works. This competition, the Healthcare Safety Challenge, sought to award promising startups in the fields of patient safety and innovation. Lumis won $5,000 in kicker prize money to aid in the application of their proprietary technology to issues of patient safety. 

Doug Nelson, the CEO and President of Lumis, earned his doctorate in engineering from Pitt in 2017. John O’Donnell, their director of curriculum and customer engagement, earned a doctorate in public health from Pitt in 2009. Likewise, one of Lumis’ software developers, Alexandra Gales, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Pitt in 2011. The company has also hired current Pitt students as interns.