Medical Device Manufacturing Laboratory

Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh






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Welcome to the BioManufacturing and Vascular Device Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh

 Current research interests include artificial biomaterials, composites, endovascular devices, diagnostic vascular implants, and micro-bio-systems, as well as fundamental device-associated biocompatibility and development of experimental techniques. Specifically, the work in the area of:


  • Designing and Manufacturing Medical Devices for Treating Vascular Diseases
  • Development of Artificial Biomaterials and Bio-hybrid Composites
  • Micro Fabrication and Nanoscale Characterization
  • Studies on Hemocompatible Surface Modification of Biomaterials
  • In-vitro tests: Device functionality, Hemocompatibility, Inflammatory response
  • Investigation on Hemodynamics using MEMS transducer arrays
  • In-vivo Animal Testing and Post-mortem Examination




Updated Aug. 18 2014