Pre-Physical Therapy Pages

Contact: Dr. Severson (Biology Department)

The University of Pittsburgh's Physical Therapy program is a doctoral program. The student will complete a bachelor's degree at the University of Pittsburgh - Bradford, and then apply to the University of Pittsburgh's Doctor of Physical Therapy program in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. No specific bachelor's degree is mandated, but biology, psychology, and sports medicine are majors commonly chosen. Any bachelor's degree must include the following courses:

BIOL 0101 Introduction to Organismal & Population Biology 4 cr.
BIOL 0102 Introduction to Cell & Molecular Biology 4 cr.
BIOL 0212 & BIOL 0213 Anatomy & Physiology I & II 8 cr.
CHEM 0101 & CHEM 0102 General Chemistry I & II 8 cr.
PHYS 0101 & PHYS 0102 Introduction to Physics I & II 8 cr.
PSY 0101 Introduction to Psychology 3 cr.
PSY 0202 Child Psychology or PSY 0206 Abnormal Psychology 3 cr.
Statistics (PSY 0201 or ECON 0204 or MATH 0133) 4 cr.
ENG 0101 English Composition I 3 cr.

In addition to earning a bachelor's degree and completing the required courses listed above, the student must earn a minimum 3.0 QPA, earn a minimum of C in all prerequisite courses, score at least 1500 on the Graduate Record Exam (general test), and have completed 200 hours of volunteer or paid work experience in physical therapy in at least two varied settings.

Admissions Guarantee at the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences:

As of July 10, 2000, the University of Pittsburgh School for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Doctor of Physical Therapy program guarantees acceptance to qualified University of Pittsburgh - Bradford graduates if the application is received and all criteria are met before the class fills. If the class fills, the guarantee will be honored in a subsequent year. Students need to complete the prerequisite coursework by the end of the senior year, and must meet and maintain the following criteria, by the end of the junior year:

1. achieve a minimum overall and prerequisite QPA of 3.3
2. achieve a minimum combined GRE score of 1500
3. complete a minimum of 200 hours of volunteer work in Physical Therapy


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