Pitt-Bradford Biology Club

Biology Club is a university-sponsored student-run organization at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. It organizes and sponsors numerous on- and off-campus events related to Biology. In the past, these have included trips to the Pittsburgh Zoo, the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Cornell University Veterinary School, and the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory. Interested? All students (Bio or non-Bio majors) are welcome and can join by contacting a Bio Club officer or a Biology faculty member.

Current (Fall 2005) Bio Club Meetings:

Contact Katie Maley or Tiffany Rastetter for dates/times


2005 - 2006 Activities

Dog Training Demonstration, October

Trip to Pittsburgh Aviary and Conservatory, November

Planned trip to Medical School or Vet School (Spring semester)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lauren Yaich (yaich@pitt.edu)

Current Elected Officials (2005-2006):

President: Katie Maley

Vice-President: Tiffany Rastetter

Treasurer: Katoura Williams

SGA Representative: Patrick Wiliams


If you are interested in joining Biology Club or want more information, contact Dr. Yaich at yaich@pitt.edu or 362-0260 . Check back for more information about Biology club events and maybe even some photos(!?) as the year goes on.


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