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Software and Sites Which Faculty are Either Using or Have Expressed an Interest:

is a Web based discussion forum system developed by the University of Wisconsin Biomedical Computing Group. The program is written in Perl and, once customized for your site, should work on any UNIX-based system with Perl or later that supports CGI subdirectories.

Many faculty are using Frontpage to develop their web sites. Alan Lesgold has an asynchronous Discussion section with his Psych5 website.

Web Crossing®
Discussion forums enable participants to post messages, as if on a bulletin board, and let others read and respond to these messages at any time. Participants check in periodically to read new messages. Chat rooms enable participants to hold group conversations online in "real time", by typing in text messages.

The Internet Classroom Assistant organizes space for classroom materials and offers an asynchronous conferencing capability. Different faculty are using Nicenet this fall.

What is FirstClass?
FirstClass is a high-performance, multiplatform communications system that integrates full fledged e-mail with workgroup communication services, and comprehensive support for Internet standards.

is a tool that facilitates the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web-based educational enfironments by non-technical users. It can be used to create entire on-line courses, or to simply publish materials that supplement existing courses.

The TopClass Server is a software for web based training through it combination of

Incorporating software tools that increase communication, the Interactive Learning network provides a complete course management solution.  It can be used to augment the traditional classroom teaching or for distance education.

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