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Comparative analysis of On-line Educational Delivery Applications

This site is from the Office of Learning Technologies, at the Centre for Curriculum Transfer and Technology Divisions, Department of Human Resources in Brittish Columbia. They are essentially doing what we have been assigned to perform, a comparative analysis of features, technical information and pricing of on-line applications. This is an excellent resource.

Computer Supported and Cooperative Work and Groupware

 CSCW or "Computer-Supported Cooperative Work" is the study of how people work together using computer technology. This site is a comprehensive index of groupware and CSCW resources on the web, including research, products, services, etc.

December Communications, Inc.

John December has been compiling information on computer mediated communication for the past several years, and is the founder and editor of CMC Magazine. This is an excellent site that is frequently updated and contains pointers to resources, tools, etc.

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