University Research Council

April 18, 2012

Meeting Summary

Conflict of Interest Policy

The U.S. Public Health Service published a new policy that will require the University to revise its conflict of interest policy.Revisions will primarily affect NIH-funded investigators.The policy will be altered in the following areas: the definition of a financial conflict of interest; remuneration from outside non-profit organizations; changes in the threshold for reporting remuneration; the timing of updated disclosures; training requirements; etc.

Central Research Development Fund

The deadline for submission of small grant proposals was Friday, March 16.Proposals now will be reviewed by one of three Council subcommittees, whose members specialize in the health sciences, the sciences and engineering, and the humanities and the social sciences.Nancy Baker, Jonathan Rubin, and David Harris are chairing the respective committees.

Multidisciplinary Projects

The Provostís Office had been exploring and will support three multidisciplinary research projects: quantum information science, synthetic biology, and engineered materials.Teams have been convened to discuss two new topics: wisdom and aging and sustainability and energy.

Research Internship Program

The Office of the Provost continues to work on the research internship program.The goal of the program is to train individuals in research administration so that they can subsequently take research-related administrative jobs at the University.Interns will rotate through the Health Sciences, the Office of Research, Finance/Accounting, and school departments.

Office of Research

Allen DiPalma, Director of the Office of Research, discussed a number of items that are related to the Officeís operations:

         ARRA grants that had been scheduled to continue beyond September 30, 2013, must be completed by that date.

         The Office continues to solicit evaluations of its operations from research administrators and faculty members.

         The Office is developing a research administration certificate program that will be geared to administrators.

         Many proposals still arrive late so Office of Research Staff do not have time to trouble-shoot them.


Council members also discussed:

         The Middle States evaluation

         State-level funding cuts

         The research integrity module

         The Presidentís 21st century grand challenges

         A NIST-sponsored manufacturing initiative

         Star Metrics