University Research Council

March 8, 2006

Meeting Summary

Allen DiPalma, Director of the Office of Research, discussed the federal government’s new Internet-based, grant-application site. is an initiative that is designed to improve access to federal funding programs.  It is a one-stop shop through which researchers can apply for funding from more than 1000 programs. should reduce the time and costs associated with applying for grants, limit the need to interface with multiple agencies, and reduce redundant information and data requests.

Unfortunately, as with most new systems, users must invest some effort to become familiar with the site and to eliminate any bugs in the site’s software.  Both principal investigators and Office of Research staff must learn new procedures.  Researchers also must download PDF-generation software (PureEdge viewer) in order to apply for grants.  A Macintosh-compatible version of PureEdge does not yet exist, but this software should be available Macintosh users in November of this year.  Mr. DiPalma’s presentation can be viewed here.

Central Research Development Fund

As in the past, members of the Council will evaluate applications to the Central Research Development Fund.  Each application will be evaluated by one of three Council subcommittees, whose members specialize in the humanities and the social sciences, engineering and the sciences, or the health sciences.