University Research Council

March 24, 2011

Meeting Summary

Multidisciplinary Grant Project

Caterina Rosano, Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, reported on the status of her multidisciplinary grant project, which deals with mobility issues and aging.  Her project is entitled Geriatric Research in Ambulatory and Cognitive Excellence (GRACE).  The GRACE team uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques to provide insights into the relationship between neurological aging and mobility impairment.  They studied a group of 324 community-dwelling older adults and defined the nature of brain abnormalities for specific regions and connecting tracts.  Dr. Rosano is now working with mathematicians and computer scientists to analyze the large quantity of data that her team produced.  Through this analysis, they hope to establish guidelines for improving and sustaining the quality of life for senior citizens.  Faculty members from Departments of Epidemiology, Mathematics, and Computer Science and the Center for Simulation and Modeling participate in the project.

Washington, D.C., Agency Trip

This year’s federal agencies trip occurred on Sunday and Monday, March 21 and 22.  Faculty members from social sciences and education departments traveled to Washington, D.C., where representatives of the NSF, NIH, Department of Education, and several other agencies briefed them on federal funding opportunities.  Thirty-one individuals participated in the trip.

Central Research Development Fund

The deadline for submission of small grant proposals is Friday, March 25.  A proposal will be reviewed by one of three Council subcommittees, whose members specialize in the health sciences, the sciences and engineering, and the humanities and the social sciences.  Steve Wisniewski, Steve Stern, and Mike Lewis will chair the respective committees.

Report from the Office of Research

Allen DiPalma, Director of the Office of Research discussed several aspects of the Office’s operations:

Mr. DiPalma also discussed issues related to foreign students and export controls.


Council members also discussed: