University Research Council

February 23, 2010

Meeting Summary

Report from the Office of Research

Allen DiPalma, Director of the Office of Research, and Michael Ranieri, the Office’s Assistant Director of Information Technology and Training, discussed changes to the Office of Research’s operations.  Long-term trends, such as an overall increase in grant submissions and staffing constraints within the University, and short-term developments, including limitations within the system and the consequences of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, have complicated the Office’s operations.  Office staff are addressing these issues through enhanced efficiency, increased accountability, and improved communications.  InfoEd, the University’s electronic grant-management software, is being configured in a manner that furthers these goals.  The notice-of-award process is now electronic, whereas it previously had been paper based; staff now maintain an award activity log, which enables them and departmental administrators to track proposals more easily; and proposal-related documents are being uploaded and made available to all relevant parties.

Washington, D.C., Agency Trip

This year’s federal agencies trip will take place on Sunday and Monday, March 21 and 22.  Faculty members from engineering and the science departments will travel to Washington, D.C., to be briefed on federal funding opportunities.  Approximately 30 individuals will participate in the trip.


Council members also discussed:

  • Multidisciplinary Small Grant Program
  • Central Research Development Fund
  • Intellectual property policy
  • Increased federal regulatory burdens