University Research Council

February 21, 2008

Meeting Summary

Report from the Office of Research

Debra Evansky, from the Office of Research, discussed the University’s grant-management procedures.  The Office continues to develop and test the University’s internal grants management software.  The proposal tracking-module already is up and running.  It captures all relevant pre-award and immediate post-award information.  Beta testing of the proposal-development module continues.  This module will enable investigators to route a proposal electronically through the University's internal processes and, ultimately, allow them to submit the proposal directly to the sponsoring agency. 

Faculty members are submitting grant proposals to the federal government’s Internet-based, grant-application site,, at a greater rate than they have in the past.  Since December of 2005, University researchers have submitted almost 1500 proposals via the site.  The Office of Research continues to educate members of the University community in the use of and other proposal-submission processes via research administrators training forums and training forums.  Faculty members’ use of NSF FastLane is increasing as well.  The Office may develop a training program for NSF FastLane.

Ms. Evansky also mentioned several other issues:

  • Internal grant-submission deadlines
  • Changes in the NIH salary cap

Effort-Reporting Requirements

Council members discussed the effort reporting requirements associated with federally funded grant proposals.  The University developed an internet-based, educational module entitled “Responsible Conduct of Research – Effort Reporting Guidelines,” which will help educate University researchers about these requirements.  

Publication and NIH-Funded Projects

The NIH will require that all investigators, whose research is funded by the NIH, to submit articles arising from NIH-funded projects to PubMed Central.  Authors must submit an electronic version of their final, peer-reviewed manuscripts no later than 12 months after the official date of publication.

URC Funding Programs

Application deadlines for the URC’s Central Research Development Fund and Multidisciplinary Small Grants Program are approaching.  The due dates for applications are February 22 and March 14 respectively.  URC members will evaluate the proposals.

Federal Agencies Trip

This year’s federal agencies trip will take place on March 16 and 17.  Faculty members from engineering and the science departments will travel to Washington, D.C., to be briefed on federal funding opportunities.  Approximately 30 individuals will participate in the trip.


Council members also discussed:

  • IGERT grants
  • Funding for and management of the Department of Energy’s Fermi Lab
  • Publication and peer review