University Research Council

January 21, 2009

Meeting Summary

Multidisciplinary Grant Award Report

John Camillus, Professor in the Katz Graduate School of Business, reported on the status of his multidisciplinary grant project.  Faculty members from Katz and the School of Engineering participate in the project, which is entitled The Business of Humanity.  Dr. Camillus and his team wish to redefine the traditional economic model, which focuses almost exclusively on accounting profits, to include quality, safety, environmental sustainability, diversity, and integrity.  The team is conducting case studies of companies in the Czech Republic, China, Russia, and Brazil.  They will convene a conference devoted to their research and wish to use this information to implement changes in graduate business programs.

Funding Trips

The Provost’s Office will sponsor two funding trips this semester.  The first event is the annual Washington, D.C., federal agencies trip.  Faculty members from the social sciences and education will meet with program officers from federal funding agencies.  The trip will take place on Sunday and Monday, March 22nd and 23rd.  The second event is a new venture.  Faculty members, primarily from the humanities and social sciences, will discuss funding opportunities with representatives of the European Union and its member countries.  The trip will take place on Sunday and Monday, April 19th and 20th.

Report from the Office of Research

Allen DiPalma, Director of the Office of Research, discussed his office’s operational volume.  His staff processed 20-to-30 percent more grant proposals from July to December of 2008 compared to the same period in 2007.  His staff also processed 1000 material transfer agreements in FY 2008.

Mr. DiPalma also mentioned several items related to foundation and federal research funding:

  • The American Heart Association changed its submission process.  It will now require institutional approval of proposals.
  • soon will complete the transition from PureEdge-based to Adobe-based application forms.
  • The Department of Justice has cited several AAU universities for violations of the False Claims Act.
  • NIH is examining conflict of interest reporting requirements and may request greater disclosure of potential conflicts.


Council members discussed several additional items:

  • The Multidisciplinary Small Grant and Central Research Development Fund programs
  • The federal economic stimulus package
  • Increasing industry visits to the University
  • Foundation research funding and the recession
  • The Conflict of Interest Superform