University Research Council

January 20, 2011

Meeting Summary

Multidisciplinary Grant Project

John Camillus, Professor in the Katz Graduate School of Business, reported on the status of his multidisciplinary grant, which is entitled The Business of Humanity.  Faculty members from Katz, the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and the School of Engineering participate in the project.  They analyze case studies drawn from firms in Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, India, Russia and the U.S.  The project explores the following proposition: Strategic decision making that employs criteria falling under the rubric of "humanity" – in its two dimensions of "humaneness" and "humankind" – leads to superior economic performance.

There are three bases and motivations for the project:

Additional information on the project is available at this website:

Report from the Office of Research

Allen DiPalma, Director of the Office of Research, discussed several aspects of the Office’s operations:

Multidisciplinary Projects

The Provost’s Office continues to explore three multidisciplinary topics: how to apply immunology models to cybersecurity, how to minimize the complexity of manufacturing models, and how to use social networks to enhance problem solving.  Teams are meeting regularly to work on the projects.  Each team will prepare a white paper as a plan for future research.


Council members also discussed the Washington, D.C., federal agency trip.  The social sciences and education will be featured during this trip.