University Research Council

December 9, 2004

Meeting Summary


Dr. Rush Miller, Director of the University Library System, discussed the University’s electronic library resources.  The University possesses more than 150,000 individual items in its electronic databases and online resources.  This number exceeds the holdings of almost all of the University’s peer institutions.  University investment in and use of electronic resources also exceeds similar statistics at other universities.  Electronic purchases account for approximately one quarter of all of the library’s material purchases.

The library system has developed programs through which articles and books are delivered directly to the faculty, students can rent laptop computers (for use in Hillman Library), and reserves are posted electronically.  The library also has developed real-time, digital reference services; extensive access to electronic journals; an electronic thesis and dissertation database; and several electronic archives.  Dr. Miller’s powerpoint presentation describes the aforementioned programs in greater detail. 


Dr. Jeremy Somers from the Office of Research, Health Sciences, attended a joint NSF/NIH conference entitled “Research at the Interface of the Life and Physical Sciences: Bridging the Sciences.”  In the first breakout session, meeting participants discussed the need to 1) develop an understanding of biology as a complex system, 2) use this understanding to develop predictive methods, and 3) develop new physical approaches to compete the aforementioned task.  In the second breakout session, meeting participants discussed ways to foster collaboration between the life and physical sciences in order to address the challenges identified in the first session.


Several other issues were discussed:

  • Center for National Preparedness Seminar Series
  • Nanotechnology and nanomedicine
  • CRDF proposals
  • National Institutes of Health proposals
  • Department of Homeland Security proposals
  • Compliance rules and regulations
  • AAALAC visit