The meeting was called to order at 2:32 p.m.





Dr. Joe Newsome, Director of the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR), conducted a slide presentation giving an overview of the current status/responsibilities of the DLAR as well as what he envisions as DLAR’s role in the future.  An outline of his action plan and contact information are attached.





No changes were requested to the minutes of the November 2, 2000 meeting.





John Elliott from the Office of Budget & Controller will be invited to the next URC meeting to make a presentation on expenses the federal government agencies deem permissible to be charged to research grants.


The University of Pittsburgh will present a Festival of Science on September 12-14, 2001.  This will be an opportunity for the University to present and demonstrate its work and contributions to the University and local communities.  As with Discovery Weekend, participants will be able to choose from eight tracks of research interests such as biology, neurobiology, nanotechnology, information technology, environmental research, and population-based research.  A keynote speaker will address participants before the commencement of each track.  In addition, there will be a tent housing instrument manufacturers and student poster presentations as well as a job fair for students.


You are encouraged to publicize and recruit faculty and student participation in this event.  Drs. Stephen Phillips and Maggie McDonald will be invited to a future URC meeting to discuss the Festival as details become finalized.


Lane inquired as to whether a mechanism was established which would evaluate the effectiveness of the Festival and whether the goals and objectives were achieved.  Klinzing stated that he would present that suggestion at the next meeting of the Festival organizers.


Theresa Colecchia of the Office of General Counsel has joined the committee revising the Commercialization of Inventions Through Independent Companies policy.  She is in the process of drafting language which will bring the policy in line with NIH guidelines as well as address issues involving conflicts of interest and protection of human subjects.


The Patent Policy committee is developing a draft which would provide the Office of Technology Management with sufficient funds from patent proceeds to support the Office as well as cover legal costs for investigating and developing patents.  Language must also be included clarifying the issue of when companies give stock to the inventor.


Bob Lowman will be conducting an all-day workshop for multidisciplinary faculty on March 13, 2001, in Posvar Hall.


The briefing with representatives from federal agencies for University faculty from the social sciences and humanities areas will be held at the Hilton Arlington & Towers on March 18 and 19.  As with the Science & Engineering Briefing held earlier this year, a bus will transport interested faculty to the Hilton where a reception will be held with the speakers upon arrival on the evening of the 18th.  On the 19th a full day is planned with representatives from NSF, NIH, the Department of Education, and possibly World Bank addressing the faculty.  Continental breakfast, lunch, and a boxed dinner for the bus ride home are included.  Anyone interested in attending should contact Klinzing.


A workshop is being planned for February with a panel of five to six particularly successful University researchers.  The workshop is anticipated to take the form of a question and answer session at which the panel is expected to address what constitutes and how to implement a successful research program.





Crouch was not present at the meeting.  At Klinzing’s request, he was visiting Massachusetts Institute of Technology to observe a demonstration of their sponsored research database system.  Using MIT as a model, the University hopes to establish a shared database system with the Office of Research, Office of Technology Management, Research Accounting, and Institutional Review Board.  The database would contain such information as human and animal subject approvals, conflict of interest disclosure, and award amounts and go a long way towards simplifying the reporting process and ensuring that all necessary approvals are obtained before a project begins.





Klinzing asked Council to provide feedback on the web-based education module for Research Integrity located at  This is just one of several modules that are being developed as part of the Education and Certification Program in Research Practice Fundamentals.


The meeting adjourned at 3:57 p.m.



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