University Research Council

September 11, 2003

Meeting Summary


George Klinzing discussed the issues that the Provost may ask the Council to address.The Council will continue to administer the Small Grants Program.The Provost also may ask the Council to:

  • Create an advisory committee that will inform the Office of Research of faculty interests as the Office updates its procedures and software.
  • Develop a fully integrated proposal-writing program that includes a series of workshops, visits from agency representatives, and trips to Washington, D.C.
  • Explore how the University can facilitate faculty participation in NSF Educational Programs.
  • Work with the Co-Directors of the new Center for National Preparedness to identify faculty whose expertise is congruent with the mission of the Center.


George Klinzing summarized the Councilís work from the previous academic year.Highlights included:

         The Council continued to manage the Small Grants Program.Fifty-five proposals were submitted, and thirty-one grants were awarded.

         The Council sponsored two grant-writing workshops.The first workshop focused on the social sciences and the second workshop focused on multidisciplinary grants.Both workshops were well attended.

         The copyright subcommittee completed a draft of the copyright policy.If approved by the full Council, the policy will be reviewed by the Provostís Office, the Deanís Council, and the Faculty Senate.

  • The Council helped publicize the Community of Science database.The database is a publicly accessible, searchable source of information that lists the expertise of numerous universitiesí researchers.
  • The Council sponsored the annual federal agencies trip.Thirty faculty members from social science departments at the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University met with representatives of several federal agencies.


Mike Crouch, Director of the Office of Research, discussed the reorganization of the Officeís operations.Last fall and winter, individuals from four universities visited the University of Pittsburgh to assess its research administration.The Office of Research has since acted upon their recommendations.Two Office staffers have been promoted to Assistant Director, alleviating Mr. Crouch of some of his administrative responsibilities.He can now focus on broader questions of research administration policy.The Office also has hired an information technology expert.This individual will help the Office of Research develop a system to electronically process grant proposals.

Other issues also were discussed:

  • The reorganization of the Community of Science database
  • The Universal Transmittal Form, Form 136
  • Office sponsored teleconferences and workshops


Several other issues were addressed:

  • Science 2003 will be held at Alumni Hall from September 24 through September 26.The Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering will sponsor spotlight sessions on organic chemistry and sustainability.The School of Medicine will sponsor three additional spotlight sessions.
  • George Klinzing discussed informational sessions for upcoming Council meetings.Potential topics include human subject and animal research, DARPA funding, federal audits, ITARs and EARs, and large-scale center funding.