Council on Academic Computing

September 25, 2008

Meeting Summary

Council Charge

James V. Maher, the University’s Provost, delivered the Council’s charge.  He asked Council members to

Provost Maher emphasized that Council members can provide advice on the computing resources that the Schools require.  Due the complex computing needs of faculty researchers, Universities must do more than simply manage computing software.  The Center for Simulation and Modeling and CSSD also can help to respond to these needs.

Center for Simulation and Modeling

The Center for Simulation and Modeling, which will be formally established in late October, will support computational research across the university.  It will draw faculty members and staff from a wide range of disciplines, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, and medicine.  The Center will be located in Bellefield Hall.

Report from Computing Services and Systems Development

Jinx Walton, Director of Computing Services and Systems Development, discussed the effect of internet spam upon the University.  The spam filter continues to function effectively.  However, some University-related e-mail circumvents the filter.  University graduates are permitted to maintain a University account for one year after graduation.  Many former students forward mail from this account to another provider, such as Google’s Gmail.  Spam that would have been caught by the University’s spam filter is then redirected to the provider.  As a result, the University has been flagged as a spam source several times.  CSSD is working to correct this problem.  They may resolve it by including the graduates’ accounts under those covered by the spam filter.

Ms. Walton also discussed several other topics:


Members of the Council discussed several other issues: