Council on Academic Computing

May 18, 2005

Meeting Summary

Report from Computing Services and Systems Development

Jinx Walton, Director of Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD), discussed network security.  Identity theft is an institutional concern at many universities due to the increasing number of hacking attempts.  Hackers target university servers to obtain the information stored on them.  CSSD is devoting more resources to security in order to combat these problems.  It currently installs firewalls for departments that request them and soon will offer security audits to members of the University community. 

Several other issues were addressed:

  • The number of intercepted viruses increased over the last month.  The lag time between virus creation and security updates is a concern.
  • The portal soon will be upgraded.  The portals will support browsers other than Internet Explorer as well as document sharing.


Other issues were also addressed:

  • NSF budget cuts
  • A modeling and simulation event
  • A Council brainstorming session
  • Grid computing
  • National Energy Technology Lab