Council on Academic Computing

May 17, 2006

Meeting Summary

Council Retreat

Members of the Council met to discuss the Council’s agenda for the upcoming academic year.  Attendees focused upon several areas:

Meeting Frequency

The Council will meet less frequently next year.  It will meet every other month and sponsor an academic computing seminar during each month that it does not meet.

Speakers and Seminars

The Council will continue to support the academic computing seminar series.  The series will be most effective if the Council co-hosts speakers and seminars with academic departments and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.  Two seminars will be held per semester.

Interdisciplinary Projects

The Council will continue to work with Dr. Klinzing on the interdisciplinary computational activities initiative.  If successful, this process can be applied to other interdisciplinary, academic computing topics.


Several other issues also were discussed:

  • E-Science
  • Large databases
  • First responder simulation project

Report from Computing Services and Systems Development

Jinx Walton, Director of Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD), discussed CSSD’s university-wide, wireless implementation plan.  Wireless networks will be installed in University buildings over a 24-month period.  CSSD is working with Facilities Management to determine how best to accomplish this task. 

Ms. Walton mentioned several other issues:

  • The new infrastructure project
  • A new University search engine
  • The Data Warehouse
  • The new information technology strategic plan