Council on Academic Computing

April 21, 2003

Meeting Summary


Dr. Rose Constantino discussed the results of her HPNAI project, “Delivery of Digital Media in Teaching and Research.”  Dr. Constantino developed four three-credit courses, each of which used Blackboard teaching software and webcasting technology.  The courses are part of a certificate program in forensic nursing.  Another component of the project extended counseling services to abused women.  Dr. Constantino collaborated with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape to use e-mail as a form of short-term, emergency counseling.


Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) will be updating the software in the student computer labs.  The last day that people can request new software for the fall semester is May 1.  CSSD requires a significant lead time so that they can resolve all licensing and compatibility issues.  The Linux lab in the basement of Alumni Hall and the student and faculty portals were also discussed.


Faculty Portal

The faculty portal should be completed by the end of May, although the regional campuses initially will not be connected to the portal.  Members of the subcommittee discussed the relationship between the Health Sciences portal and the planned faculty portal.  Parts of the Health Sciences portal could be “gadgetized” and incorporated into the faculty portal.

Faculty Training

The regional campuses do not lack electronic teaching resources, and the presidents of these campuses do not foresee a shortfall in these resources.  However, the budgets of regional campuses currently do not fund instructional technology personnel; these positions are funded through foundation grants.  The subcommittee recommends that funds be allocated to the Bradford, Greensburg, and Johnstown campuses in future budgets so that a full-time Instructional Technologist can be hired for each campus.  The Titusville campus does not have such a position.

Future of Academic Computing

The subcommittee did not meet.

High Performance Computing Initiative (HPCI)

The subcommittee is reviewing proposals.


Several other issues and events were addressed:

  • The agenda for Science 2003
  • The “Cool Devices” event
  • Plans for a modeling and simulation event