Council on Academic Computing

February 26, 2004

Meeting Summary


Ray Hoare from the Department of Electrical Engineering discussed the results of his High Performance Network Applications Initiative project.  This project was entitled “Utilization of Java for Interactive Streaming Video Applications.”  Schools and businesses can benefit greatly from the use of videoconferencing.  Professor Hoare and his collaborators used an IP-based network connection, small electronics, and application programming interfaces of the Java Media Framework (JMF) v2.1.1 to create a flexible videoconferencing system that permits users to connect to one camera or many, remotely control a camera's pan and tilt angle, and adjust the stream rate of the transmitted data.  The system is designed to accommodate receivers with lower bandwidth connections. 


Staff from Computer Services and Systems Development (CSSD) discussed the University’s computing capabilities with potential participants in this year’s HPNAI project.

Other issues also were discussed:

  • A Council security subcommittee meeting with CSSD
  • NSF initiatives in computing
  • High performance computing in the United States

·         Promoting use of new technology in the classroom