Council on Academic Computing

December 13, 2006

Meeting Summary

Simulation and Modeling

Jeff Leitman, a member of the interdisciplinary simulation and modeling group (SAM), described the groupís activities.SAM participants include approximately 30 faculty, staff, and students from the biological, health, information, physical, and social sciences.Group members are united by a common interest in computer modeling.The group hopes to enhance the Universityís profile in this area by facilitating collaboration among researchers, sponsoring courses for students, and building computing infrastructure at the University.The SAM website is located at about participants, their research projects, University resources, and funding sources is located on the site.

Report from Computing Services and Systems Development

Jinx Walton, Director of Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD), discussed the Universityís wireless implementation plan.Wireless networks have been installed in five buildings: Allen Hall, Thaw Hall, Old Engineering Hall, the Space Research Coordination Center, and the Nuclear Physics Laboratory.CSSD will monitor usage patterns within the buildings to determine how to optimize coverage.

Ms. Walton also discussed:

         use of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service

         infringement of motion picture copyrights

         the security breach at UCLA


Members of the Council discussed several other issues: