Council on Academic Computing

November 15, 2005

Meeting Summary

PittNet: Digital Video Services

Jay Graham and Brian Stengel from Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD) discussed the increasing demand for digital video at the University.  Digital video is currently supported and used on an ad hoc basis.  CSSD’s goal is to provide an efficient, University-wide platform so that content can be created and delivered cheaply for distance learning, webcasting, university events, etc.

CSSD staff are addressing issues related to storage and transmission of video; operational control of webcasting; and ease of use of technology.  They currently are developing and integrating technology to support centralized video storage and access, video-on-demand, and video conferencing capabilities.  They also wish to integrate cable-related technology with other video technologies and to support “rich content” media presentations from the Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education.

In the future, video-on-demand will be available via PittNet TV.  Viewers will be able to access digital content via a program guide similar to those available on cable TV channels.  Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint video conferencing also will be available.  Users will be able to schedule time on a multi-station communication unit on PittNet Video to conduct real-time video conferences.

CAC Seminar Series

The CAC will sponsor two seminars in the fall and two in the spring.  The first seminar will be hosted by Ralph Roskies and will cover potential uses of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.  Experts in other areas of academic computing will be invited to present at the remaining seminars.

Interdisciplinary Modeling and Simulation Project

Dr. Klinzing is exploring the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration in the area of modeling and simulation.  He has identified a set of individuals who can help him determine how the University can exploit its expertise in this area.  These individuals will meet in the near future.


Other issues were also addressed:

  • National preparedness simulation project
  • IEDs