Council on Academic Computing

October 20, 2003

Meeting Summary


Provost Maher delivered the Council charge.He asked the Council to:

  • Work with CSSD to provide guidance on matters related to web access by disabled individuals.
  • Work with CSSD to investigate how new technological devices and processes can be used to enhance the security of University networks.
  • Explore how the University can satisfy the needs of both the academic community and the individual researcher over the next five to ten years.
  • Sponsor a Fast Computing Connection Applications Initiative that will encourage innovative uses of high-speed internet access.


Each item in the Provostís charge will be addressed by a Council subcommittee.Subcommittee members are:

Computer System Security Subcommittee: Chris Earls, Andres Francois, J.B. McGee, Daniel Mosse, Clement Stone, Michael Zemaitis

Future of Academic Computing Subcommittee: John Close, Rob Coalson, Peter Draus, Taieb Znati

High Performance Network Applications Initiative: Siddharth Chandra, Gregory Dick, Dennis Galletta, Arthur Hellman

Web Access for the Disabled Subcommittee: Melanie Anderson, Bambang Parmanto, David Robins, Clara Vana


Network and computer security issues are particularly relevant when dealing with HIPPA, student privacy, and library databases.

The High Performance Network Applications Initiative should encourage faculty from the social sciences and humanities to apply for grants.