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Slovak literature in EnglishClick here.  
Slovak filmmaking: clips and summariesClick here.  
Slovak film history — Martin Votruba, "Historical and National Background of Slovak Filmmaking." Click here. From: M. V., ed.  KinoKultura, Special Issue 3: Slovak Cinema.
ISSN 478-6567
The Garden
Slovak films in Hillman Library — By decade: click here. By director: click here.
The University of Pittsburgh has the largest Slovak film collection outside of Central Europe.
Slovak film — Martin Votruba, ed.  KinoKultura, Special Issue 3: Slovak Cinema.
ISSN 478-6567 Click here.


Early images of the Holocaust in Slovak and Czech cinema — Martin Votruba, "The Shop on Main Street: The Holocaust in Context." Click here.  
Minorities in Slovakia — Martin Votruba, "Linguistic Minorities in Slovakia." Click here. From: C. Bratt Paulston, ed. Linguistic Minorities in Central and Eastern Europe.
ISBN 18-535-9416-4.
Slovak language status and lawsClick here.  
Literature, history, Jánošík — Martin Votruba, "Hang Him High: The Elevation of Jánošík to an Ethnic Icon." Click here. From: Slavic Review 65. Terchova
Highway robbery, history, Jánošík — Martin Votruba, "Highwayman’s Life: Extant Documents about Jánošík." Click here. From: Slovakia 39#72-73. Janosik plate
Slovak news archives — Occasional weekly surveys from the 1990s. Click here.  
Slovak politics — Intermittent reviews in English by Dr. Kevin Krause, Wayne State U. Click here.  


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