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Martin Votruba


Young Hearts





Clip dialogue (Slovak language)

Leštiak Charming countryside.  
Naďa Everything's so crystalline and close here.  
Leštiak So you like it here.  
Naďa We like the voluntary work. [Sits down.] Not the commander.  
Leštiak [Sits next to Naďa.] You [all] don't like the commander? You [all] don't like me? [Touches her arm.]  
Naďa You. You assigned us to surface work. But girls want to work in the mine too. When will it get resolved?  
Leštiak Right away. [Picks a daisy, begins to pluck off the petals.] Above ground. – Underground. – Above ground. – Underground. – It came out "above ground"! No helping it, surface duty.  
Naďa Don't lie. One more petal's remained. So. When are we riding down on the cage?  
Leštiak Whenever you want. It was already decided this morning. [Sits up.] And aren't you worried that, underground... your cheek will go pale?  
Naďa Really, what a concerned commander you are.  



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