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The Sun in a Net







The sun blotted out by the moon, the eclipse obliterated by clouds, jarring musique concrète, a blind mother, lies about what one can see, tears of anguish... the potential puzzling symbolism, quite at odds with the mandates of Socialist Realism, appeared ominous to the Communist authorities bent on banning the film, but the nascent political thaw helped the filmmakers prevail, and the release of The Sun in a Net became its harbinger in Slovak and Czechoslovak film and culture.
In the clip, Milo (Peter Lobotka) tells his recently blinded mother (Eliška Nosáľová) lies about the eclipse he was looking forward to see, but which turned out to be invisible under the cloudy sky, while his sister Bela (Jana Beláková) and her boyfriend Fajolo (Marián Bielik, voice Michal Dočolomanský) listen in on the roof of an apartment block.


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