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The Dam







In stark contrast to Hollywood romance endings with lovers' heads together, when the script of a Socialist Realist film decided to have lovers in its final shots at all, the arrangement of images would deemphasize interpresonal emotions even more expressly than during the development of the story. The Dam (Priehrada, dir. Paľo Bielik, 1950; available without subtitles in Hillman Library) wraps up with the final shots of Uľka Bujnová (Mária Kráľovičová) and her boyfriend Paľo Bučan (Július Pántik) not converging on each other, but with the distance between them growing as they part for the day in order to work on the construction of the dam. The last frame in the clip fades out and credits begin to roll.


Slovak cinema after World War II.


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