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She Grazed Horses on Concrete







Among the legacies of the early Czechoslovak New Wave was a frequent focus on quirky situations filmed in a documentary fashion. While the documentary look had long been abandoned, She Grazed Horses on Concrete builds on part of that tradition by intercutting shots of several quirky or embarrassing situations that are thus made to comment on each other – Pavlína's (Veronika Jeníková) naïve eagerness to be loved; Private Jirka's (Ivan Klečka) obliviousness of who she actually is; the village boys' proprietary sense of the local girl (the reason they attack outsider Jirka); Johanka's (Milka Zimková) inept acting; the trite love-lines from the play she recites to her fellow amateur actor and love interest Jarek (Jiří Klepl) while her daughter Pavlína, almost within sight, is losing her virginity; Johanka's rejected suitor Berty's (Peter Staník) disgusted look. Decidedly post-New Wave is the final toning down of the quippy sequence with the soundtrack of the film's nostalgic theme song.

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