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Tracing Slovaks from New York to the Missisippi







At the opposite pole to Karol Plicka's domestic fixation on folklore, his silent documentary from the Matica Slovenská (his employer) trip to the U.S. in 1937 shows no interest in Slovak-Americans' romanticized or realistic lives. Besides routine shots of the delegation and its formal reception by Slovak-American organizations and authorities, the primary imagery in Tracing Slovaks from New York to the Mississippi (Za Slovákmi od New Yorku po Missisippi) is urban and industrial landscapes with little concern for composition or artistic flair.
Clip captions
The building of the Agreement.
[That is, the now-demolished Loyal Order of the Moose Hall where the Slovak–Czech Pittsurgh Agreement was signed in 1918.]
The desk at which a leader of overseas resistance T. G. Masaryk drafted [the Pittsburgh Agreement].
At the grave of Albert Mamatey, President of the Slovak League [of America] that organized the [World War I] liberation undertaking.
Slovak bread-giving steel cropland in the vicinity of Pittsburgh.


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