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Slovak Studies Program

The Year Communism Crumbled

Comments in an anonymous student survey:


SLAV 1865 was evaluated only once in the 2010s, 10 of the students filled in the single survey.
Very knowledgeable about subject matter. This course is great because it is once a week. He is very funny and makes the information interesting. I didn't like the 3 hour length once a week. Yes many aspects were great.
Knows a lot about Central Europe. Learning of the Eastern European Bloc. Setting deadlines and defining expectations of students. Ability to meet once a week. Although meeting once a week is nice, it puts a lot of responsibility on the student and requires precise organization. Story telling. No break & 2 hr. 55 min. is too long without a break. Give a break mid-way through. His stories/knowledge.
Humor and a lot of general knowledge. The once a week routine. Tech difficulties. Make it 2.5 hours instead of 3 and include a break. Very organized & knowledgeable & had many good examples to clarify points. More movies/media which exemplify the cultures/society. The one day a week class was good. Also, the self guided research was good as it helped me learn the specifics of a topic I was interested in. Sometimes got off topic.
Very fair, grading, teaching and engaging student comments. Really made research easy, interesting, and rewarding. We always hear Communism is bad, but we never really get to know what happened to it – now we know. Attention to detail & dedication to midterm/final papers. Make it 2 days a week. Parts became boring and dragged on for too long.
He knows what he's talking about. He presents it well. Have it more than once a week. He talks fast. That there were midterm/final papers, not tests. Great stories that made the material easier to memorize and understand. More videos from the communist society. Also a break since this course is considerably long. The once a week course is quite long, suggest making it two days per week.


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