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Soft materials and Rheology Group Opening

Post-doc: Block copolymers

A post-doctoral position is available in the lab of Dr. Sachin Velankar at the University of Pittsburgh, USA to examine deformation-induced structural transformations in block copolymers. This research seeks to use specific thermomechanical steps to convert a simple morphology, e.g. well-aligned lamellae, into complex ordered morphologies. The applicant must have a strong background in structure and mechanics of block copolymers. Expertise with SAXS and/or AFM is desirable. Expertise with polymer synthesis is not essential.

The appointment is for 1-1.5 years starting as soon as possible. Interested applicants should email a CV to


Sachin Velankar

Dept. of Chemical Engineering

University of Pittsburgh

PA 15261 USA



Questions, Suggestions, Comments? Send e-mail to