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Soft Materials and Rheology Group Laboratory


We conduct predominantly experimental research on complex fluids and on buckling phenomena. This page describes some of the principal tools we use on a daily basis.

If your research can use some of our expertise, please email me.

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AR2000 rheometer

This is the workhorse rheometer in our lab, a stress-controlled device equipped with a Peltier plate for measurements close to room temperature, a convection/radiation chamber for temperatures from -150C to +300C, several parallel plate and cone-and-plate geometries, and a Couette cell.

ARES-LS rheometer

This is a strain-controlled rheometer equipped with a Peltier plate and several measuring geometries. We also have a custom-built flow-visualization cell that mounts on the ARES rheometer for visualization of shear flow along the shear-gradient direction. 

Spinning drop tensiometer

This is a custom-built spinning drop tensiometer for measuring the interfacial tension between two immiscible fluids (or surface tension of a fluid). It has a 12 mm diameter tube which can spin up to 10000 rpm. An oven can maintain a temperature of upto 120C. Strobe-illuminated images are collected with a CCD camera.  

Olympus Inverted microscope

Our workhorse microscope is an Olympus CKX41 inverted fluorescence microscope with several objectives ranging from 4x to 40x, and an area-scan black-and-white camera. We also use awesome microscopes at the Center for Biologic Imaging.  

Tension and compression testing  

We have an Instron 4200 tensile testing machine with a 1000 kg load cell and either tensile or 3-point bending grips.  We also have a Texture Analyzer which can do both tensile as well as compression testing, but at small loads (5 kg maximum).

Miscellaneous Equipment

·         Leitz upright transmission microscope

·         Meiji stereomicroscope with trinocular head

·         Plasma cleaner

·         Platen press (up to 300C)

·         Canon digital Rebel SLR camera

·         30kV high-voltage power supply (part of an electrospinning setup)

·         Tissuemiser high-shear mixer

·         Syringe pumps

·         Furnace

·         Vacuum oven and pump


·         We regularly use the SEM in the School of Engineering. Our colleagues also kindly let us use contact angle measurement apparatus, spin coater, and pendant drop apparatus.

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AR2000 Rheometer

ARES-LS Rheometer

Spinning Drop Tensiometer

Olympus Inverted microscope

Tension/compression testing

Miscellaneous Equipment