Statistics 1040
Dr. Tom McGahagan

Decaying Dice by Rosamund Purcell
Dice contributed by Ricky Jay to the
Museum of Jurassic Technology


Useful Statistics Websites

Online Stat Book by David M. Lane and others.
Lane's Hyperstat online textbook is a close substitute.

Java Applets for Statistics from: R graphics gallery
Demonstrates the power of the graphical presentation of data, using the R statistical program.
History of Statistics
York U. (UK),
Links to many classic texts
Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference and Social Science
Andrew Gelman's Weblog.
Statistical Resources , by
Michael Friendly of York U.(Canada).
The most complete list of statistical links.
Extensive collection of software and data.
Dartmouth College probability website.
Useful links and presentations.
Gallery of Distributions
from the National Institute of Standards
Probability Distributions
from Wikipedia.

Lisp-Stat and other software

  • Lisp-Stat Luke Tierney's page at the University of Iowa.

  • The program (my code added to Tierney's) is out there (actually in the zipped file). Updates to the EcLS program; download to the ecls\xfiles directory and unzip. (Last update: Nov. 17, 2010)

  • STEPS Software for teaching statistics (based on Lisp-Stat)

  • Arc
    Statistical program based on Lisp-Stat, by Sanford Weisberg and R.Dennis Cook.

  • Forrest Young
    Vista statistical system based on Tierney's Lisp-Stat.

  • Frederic Udina
    Kernel density estimators in Lisp-Stat.

  • R project , the most powerful freeware statistical program.
    Rweb, by Jeff Banfield, allows you to try it out online.

  • Stata
    My favorite commercial statistical program.

From CauseWeb
Cartoon by J.B. Landers. Used with permission.

Gallery of Statistics Jokes by Gary C. Ramseyer.

Why call the program EcLS?