International Economics

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Patterns of trade GDP per capita Foreign Direct Investment X+M/GDP Exports per capita
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International Trade Statistics

Sources for the maps above:
Row 1: The rotating earth with GDP per capita is from the G-Econ Project , The population map is from Worldmapper, Sheffield Univerisity, UK , and the
satellite views of the world are from NASA's Visible Earth website.
Row 2: The patterns of trade, GDP per capita and FDI maps are from > UC Atlas of Global Inequality and the
Excel files for exports and imports as a share of GDP and exports per capita are from the WTO International Trade Statistics for 2003.
Row 3: Maps scaled by GDP or by exports and imports.
For the Worldmapper maps,
Syllabus -- Spring 2015

The following material is from previous International Econonomics courses

International Trade Links -- Country Information

This page offers useful links for work on specific countries and regions.
Since Web sites are often reorganized, the general links (for example to the Word Trade Organization) are given as well as the specific links to country information (for example, to the WTO's Trade Policy Reviews). Try the specific links first, but don't be too surprised if they are broken.
If they are, please go to the web site's home page and see if you can find the link; if you do, drop me an e-mail with the new address.


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