Congratulations are in order for Tracy Sarpolis and Mary Stolarik! Each had multiple poems published in Mind Murals. Three poems of Tracy's were accepted: "Before God," "Love Knows It's Time," and "Winter Night Revisited." Two of Mary's poems were accepted: "Laser Envy" and "Bikini Bandits." Be sure to look for their work.

Be sure to congratulate Joy Pinkney as well. She had three pieces of photography published in Mind Murals: "Bird House," "Carnation," and "Graffiti."

Norman N. WcWhinney Scholarships in English Literature
Senior: Kailey Burtnett
Junior: Deidre Stuffer

Junior Essay in Literature Prize
Matthew Reilly for his essay "William Blake's New Poetry."

2009 Sigma Tau Delta International Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kailey Burtnett, Michelle Sarver, Deidre Stuffer, and Goldie Swarner

Eastern Association of Pennsylvania State University Convention
Steven Dayoub and Michelle Sarver