RG 61



Clock (Campus) Dedication, October 13, 1995.  C. 1

(For video cassette, see RG 60 VC II. 3.)

Criminal Justice Day, March 25, 1993. 4 cassettes: Cassette 1-2,  C. 2-5

Session 1, Panel discussion; Cassettes 3-4, Session 2 with

Ramsey Clark.  (for video cassette, see RG 60 VC IV. 3a-c.)

Graduation [Commencement] April 29, 1995.  (for video cassette,  C. 6

see RG60 VC V. 6.)

Indian Classical Music Concert. Oct. 22, 2002. C.12

[for videocassette, see RG60 VII.17; for a program, see RG52 Ser.: Programs (Miscellaneous)]

Kickler, John and Anne. [JK was UPG Gardener; Caretaker later chauffeur Lynch Family]. C.17
Interview with. July 22, 1986.

Lowen, Sharon.  Performance of Odissi. November 4, 1992. 2 cassettes C. 7 A-B

(for video cassette, see RG60 VC VII. 1.)

Lynch, Kathryn, Interview with. August, 1986.  C.15

Lynch, Thomas, Interview with (#2). July 22, 1986. [n.b. No record of Interview #1]  C.16

Lynch Hall. Tour of Lynch Hall by Dr. Albert Smith. Sept. 28, 1986.  C.14

Millstein Library (Fanny K. Millstein Library) Dedication, May 5, 1995.  C. 8

(for video cassette, see RG60 VC II. 5.)

Palekar, Priya, soprano accompanied by Sean Kelly on the piano. C.9

Ferguson Theater, Apr. 10, 2002. [for video cassette, see RG60 VC VII.14;
for program, see RG 52 Ser.: Programs (Miscellaneous.)]

REQUIEM by Gabriel Faure. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Chorale;  C.13

Seton Hill University Choir. Members of the Westmoreland Symphony.
Concert, Wednesday, April 9, 2003.

UPG Band and Concert Chorale. April 16, 2002. C.10
(for video cassette, see RG60 VC VII.15.)

Workman’s Compensation with James Summerville. June 12, 1992. C. 11

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