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Organized July 1980.  The Westmoreland Pitt Club changed its name to the Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association in June 1993.  The purpose of the Westmoreland Pitt Club was “to further goodwill and friendship between [sic] alumni, students, staff, and administration of the University of Pittsburgh.  Westmoreland Pitt Club members shall promote interest and support to the University of Pittsburgh by ongoing and special activities.”




August 3, 1982

[n.b.: MINUTES file folders also contain enclosures, attachments and documents, i.e. calendars of events, membership lists, announcements, programs, reports, etc. faz 5/9/13]

Arranged in reverse chronological sequence.

Nov. 1982-1984

Jan. 1985-Oct. 1987
Jan. 1988-Nov. 1989
Jan. 1990-Oct. 1991


[n.b.: Consult the MINUTES file folders since those files contain enclosures, attachments, and documents in re a variety of subjects. faz 5/9/13]

Fall Festival

Note: first Fall Festival held in 1983.

1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 [For 1997, 1998, See: RG39.2]
For videocassette of 1983 festival See: RG60 VCIII.A.1.; for videocassette 1991, See: RG60 VCIII.A.2
For prints of 1984, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1996, 1997, 1998 festivals See: RG60 Prints--Fall Festival.
For DVDs of 1983 and 1991, SEE: DVD 24. B.2 (Tracks 1,2)

Financial & Audit Report Forms, 1988-1997.

General Alumni Assoc., University of Pittsburgh, 1983-1988.

Gruebel, Joseph, [1974, 1983-1988, undtd]

Majors, (Johnny) Dinner, 12/6/73

Phonothon, 1984-1986, 1989

Senior Recognition Ceremony, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1987

Smith, Dr. Albert B., Pres., UPG

     Contains: letter dtd 9/26/73 from ABS to Ray Carson, Westmoreland County Pitt Club Committee, Subject: report on UPG activities, events; memo from ABS to Westmoreland County Pitt Club Committee dtd 9/26/73, Subject: Campus Development Needs.

Westmoreland Pitt Club Service Scholarship

     First awarded in 1989. In 1983 name changed to the Westmoreland Pitt Club Volunteerism Scholarship. Recipients: 1989, Stacey Mehaffey; 1990, Karen Molnar; 1991, Dashia Galamb; 1992, Christopher Porter; 1993, Sidney Williams. See also: Rg39.2 Ser.: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Association Awards. PGAA Volunteerism Service Award.

Westmoreland Pitt Club Service Scholarship Award Plaque

     Plaque. 11" x 13". Inscription: Service Scholarship Award given by the Westmoreland Pitt Club to a University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg student who best exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism through participation in campus clubs and organizations. [Names inscribed on plaque] Stacey Mehaffey, 1989; Karen Molnar, 1990; Dashia Galamb, 1991; Christopher Porter, 1992. [n.b.: PLAQUE filed separately in Archives Utility Cabinet.]

NEWS RELEASES, [1980-1992]

NEWSLETTER v. 1 #1, Fall, 1986; v. 2 # 1, Fall, 1987.

RG 39.2





Note: Changed name from Westmoreland Pitt Club in June 1993.  The Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association is known also by the acronym, PGAA.


“The mission of the Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association is to further goodwill and friendship among alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.  Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association members shall promote the interests of theUniversity of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and lend support to the general campus community, especially the students, through participation and organization of special events and activities.  The campus and the alumni shall establish a special relationship by working for the common good and support activities that are of mutual benefit.”


“Membership in the Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association is open to those who have graduated from the University of Pittsburgh , Faculty, Staff, and Friends of the University.”

[Constitution and By-Laws, 1993]





General File. Contains: PGAA Board of Directors Job Description (undtd); memo. 3/21/96 Dan Luther to Gerry Enlow, Subject: PGAA Graduation Presence; memo. 1/28/97 PGAA to Presidential Search Committee Members. Subject: PGAA Concerms Related to the Selection of the Next UPG President; memo. 11/10/97 to VP Norman Scanlon et alia. Subject: Alumni Attitudes; PGAA Fact Sheet [Aug., 1999]; Brochure, "How Do I Stay Connected to Pitt-Greensburg [1999]; PGAA Christmas Greeting Card [1999]; Brochure, Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association, 2004/05; interview with Anna Marie Peagler, Bd. of Directors member, Fall, 2008; News Release 7/19/11 "...announces new Executive Committee and Board members"; news clipping, Brian Root (2011); news clipping, Michael D. Jones.

Meeting Files, Aug. 25, 1999-2000, Jan. 2003 (agenda only)

Contain, inter alia: agendas, minutes of meetings, reports, programs, list of PGAA members, copies of PGAA publications


Alumni. [Alumni List] April 30, 1987; Law School Alumni List: Westmoreland Co (11/11/87); Final List 1/15/88 of Graduation Dec. 1987; memo dtd 11/22/97 FAC to Karen Antoniak et alia. Subject: Creating an Alumni List. Attached is a holograph listing of "UPG grads from 1976 to 1988 prepared by Nancy Caplan in the College of General Studies in Oakland."; [April Grads 1988]; memo from David Schmidt to Bill Martin dtd 2/16/98. Subject: Data Fields for Alumni Program; undtd survey of UPG graduates entitled "Are you working in a field related to your major".

Alumni Celebration Dinner
2017, Oct. 21

Class Agent Program, 1998-1999

Fall Festival, 1997, 1998 [For 1983-1991, See: RG39.1] [For prints, SEE: RG60 Prints--Fall Festival]

Heinz Chapel Choir, 1988, 1990, 1993-1994, 1996

Men's Basketball Alumni Club (MBAC) [Pitt-Greensburg Men's Basketball Alumni Club]
Formed in 2016 as the first official alumni club under the guidelines of the Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association (PGAA), the Pitt-Greensburg Men's Basketball Alumni Club (MBAC) is a social and fellowship club with the objective of preserving the past and promoting the future of the Pitt-Greensburg Men's Basketball program.

Student Alumni Association (SAA) [Pitt Greensburg Alumni Association (SAA)]

University of Pittsburgh, Oakland. Alumni Office, 1998

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Association Awards

Each year the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Alumni Association

(PGAA) honors an alumni of distinction, an outstanding faculty member,

and a student who best exemplifies volunteer service to the campus and

the community. In 2010 PGAA established the Volunteer Excellence Award. The award was created to showcase and reward a member of the PGAA Board of Directors for his or her outstanding service to the board and the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

2001    PGAA Alumni of Distinction Award.  Susan L. Nelson.

2001    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award.  Dr. Larry J. Whatule.

2001    PGAA Volunteerism Service Award.  Cheynna Bender.
2002    PGAA Alumnus of the Year, Thomas D. Horan

2002    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Member, Dr. Randi Koeske

2002    PGAA Outstanding Community Service, Brian K. Root
2003    PGAA Alumni of Distinction Award. Rob Ritson
2003    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Dr. David A. Nichols
2003    PGAA Volunteerism Service Award. Melissa Brandt
2004    PGAA Alumnus of the Year, John M. Felice
2004    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award, Dr. Sayre Greenfield
2004    PGAA Volunteerism Service Award, Melissa Quirk
2005    PGAA Alumni of Distinction Award. Gary A. Amelio
2005    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Dr. Kirsten N. Asplin
2005    PGAA Community Service Award. Tristain C. Robinson
2006    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Dr. Mary Grace O'Donnell
2006    PGAA Community Service Award. Joseph Frambach.
2007    PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Dr. Robert Whipkey
2007    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Assoc. Prof. Lori Jakiela
2007    PGAA Community Service Award. Megan Walsh

2008    PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Robert Dippolito

2008    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Dr. Vicklyn Barnot

2008    PGAA Community Service Award. Lynne Marie Marmo-Farina

2009    PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award Justin Merriman

2009    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Dr. Melissa J. Marks

2009    PGAA Community Service Award. Ashley Smith.

2010    PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Barbara J. Christner, Esq.

2010    PGAA Volunteer Excellence Award. Dr. Brian Moreland

2010    PGAA Student Community Service Award. Lori Caldwell

2010    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Nancy Estrada, PhD.

2011    PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Jerry J. Fedele

2011    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Elisa E. Beshero-Bondar, PhD.

2011    PGAA Volunteer Excellence Award. Jason P. Gongaware. [Awarded posthumously]

2011    PGAA Community Service Award. John Paul "JP" Hilzendeger

2012    PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Rob Oliver.

2012    PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Gary Hart, PhD.

2012    PGAA Volunteer Excellence Award. Robert Merda '85.

2012    PGAA Community Service Award. Scott Szypulski

2013    PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Chris Luccy. DMD '70.
2013 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Paul S. Adams, PhD.
2014 PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Brian Moreland '98, DC.
2014 PGAA Volunteer Excellence Award. Mary Lynn Yothers '80, DC.
2014 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. John H. Prellwitz, PhD.
2014 PGAA Community Service Award. Huong Vo '14.
2014 PGAA Alumna of Distinction Award. Teresa "Terri" Glenn Petrick '79
2015 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Pamela Ondeck, MBA
2015 PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Terry Bengel.
2015 PGAA Volunteer Excellence Award. Brian Root.
2016-2017 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Prof. Elizabeth Contrearas.
2016-2017 PGAA Student Community Service Award. Bryan Edwards.
2016-2017 PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Judge John E. Blahovec.
2016-2017 PGAA Volunteer Excellence Award. Harry P. Bowser.
2016-2017 PGAA Young Alumni Leadership Award. Katelyn E. Sadler.
2016-2017 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Christopher Bartley.
2017-2018 PGAA Student Community Service Award. Jessica Jaszcar.
2017-2018 PGAA Alumnus of Distinction Award. Lawrence (Larry) J. Helkowski.
2017-2018 PGAA Young Alumni Leadership Award. Chad Eric Smith '08.
2017-2018 PGAA Volunteer Excellence Award. Scott Szypulski '14.
2017-2018 PGAA Outstanding Faculty Award. Matthew Luderer.

Note: See also: RG39.1 Ser.: Subject Files--Westmoreland Pitt Club Service Scholarship, RG39.1 Ser.: Subject Files--Westmoreland Pitt Club Service Scholarship Award Plaque; RG39.2 Ser.: Subject Files--Volunteerism Service Award.

UPG Families Association

See also: Ser.: Publications. UPG FAMILIES.

Volunteerism Service Scholarship Award, 1994-1999

Changed name in 1993 from Westmoreland Pitt Club Service Scholarship (See: RG39.1 Ser.: Subject Files--Westmoreland Pitt Club Service Scholarship); in 1993 changed name to Pitt Greensburg Alumni Association Awards PGAA Community Service Award (See RG39.2 Subject Files).

File contains: letters of nomination and some announcements of the winning awardees, i.e., 1994, Michael S. Kostial, 1995, Massimo Magliari, 1998, Terry Capelman.

Subject Files--Various

Subjects include: Band Night (1999); Chestnut Ridge Dulcimer Players (1999); Class Agent Program; Dinner Theater; Homecoming (1998), Internship (PGAA Internship) (1998); PGAA Office (1995); PGAA PhoneCard (1998); PGAA Picnic (1995); PGAA Alumni Reception (1999); President's Renaissance Series (1997); Robert J.A. Pratt (Fundraising Dinner Honoring Pratt) (2003); Spring Banquet (1983); Spring Carnival (1998); Study Abroad Award (2007); Pitt-Greensburg at PNC Park (2016).




Alumni Connection. Oct., 2006-

Pitt-Greensburg Families Newsletter. [UPG FAMILIES: UPG FAMILIES NEWSLETTER]

FAMILY NEWSLETTER]. Sept. 14, 2007-

PGAA News. v.1 #1-v.7 #1, October, 1993-Winter/Spring, 1999.

Holdings: v.1 #1, October, 1993; v.2 #1-3, Feb., May, Nov. 1994; v.3 #1-4, Apr., June, Fall, Winter, 1995; v.4 #1, Spring, 1996; v.5 #1, 3, Winter, Fall 1996; v.6 #1-3, Winter/Spring, Fall, Winter, 1998; v.7 #1, Winter/Spring, 1999.

UPG Families. Winter 1999-Spring 2007//

[Later issued as Family Newsletter; Pitt-Greensburg Families Newsletter.]

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 2003 Alumni Directory. (3 copies)



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