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Library/AVS Organization 12/1/98


Contains: [Statement of] Operating Principles. September 24, 2001.; memo dtd 2/14/99, Rush G. Miller, University Librarian and Director to Regional Campus Presidents. Sub.: "Library Services Provided to Regional Campuses."

ANNUAL REPORTS, 1963/64 – 2011/12

The annual reports for the period 1963/64 - 1979/80, other than for 1963/64, consist only of the statistical reports submitted to the Director of the University Libraries (Oakland Campus).  The 1963/64 report prepared by Mrs. Eileen Rathgeb contains a narrative in which she documents the first year of the library’s operations.  In that narrative Mrs. Rathgeb describes the library quarters in the Ramsey Building, outlines operational activities and events, gives observations on the use of the facility and provides commentary from her personal perspective.  The reports beginning with that of the 1980/81 consist of a narrative together with the annual statistical summary.  The statistical report for 1982/83 is missing, however.



1981, Sept.-Dec.
1982, Jan., Feb., Apr., July, Nov.
1983, Jan., Mar.-May, Aug., Oct., Nov.
1986 April, July-Sept., Dec.
1987 Feb.-Oct., Dec.




1991 January - May/June, September - Dec.

1992-2000, January/February-July-Sept.//?


[undtd] Letter to librarians at UPG from Mrs. T. Barrett Quinn [Mary Lynch Quinn] returning tapes and acknowledging the help given to her.  ALS.

1977 June 9 in re questionnaire, and response, on resources on the ethnic and the immigrant in Pennsylvania libraries, etc. from the Pa. Ethnic Heritage Studies Center-Archives Section, Archives of Industrial Society, Hillman Library





Earlier organization called FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH AT GREENSBURG LIBRARY] Organized as Friends of Millstein Library in December, 1998.

Contains: Minutes, Dec. 3, 1998-Aug. 25, 2016; Friends of the Millstein Library Proposal [April, 1998]; Constitution [adopted Feb. 15, 1999]; Brochure, “Friends of the Millstein Library” [created by Dr. Patricia Duck approved for distribution Feb. 15, 1999]; Programs (flyers, postal mailings, announcements), 1999-2006; Friends of the Millstein Library Scholarship; Friends of the Millstein Library Newsletter (v.1 #1-4 Spring 1999 - Winter 2000, v.2 #1/2-3/4 Winter/Spring-Summer/Fall 2000, v.3 #1/2-2/3, Winter/Spring-Summer/Fall, 2001; v.4 #1/2-3/4, Winter/Spring-Summer/Fall, 2002; v.5 #1/2 Winter/Spring 2003, v.6 #1/2 Winter/Spring 2005, v.7 #1/2 Winter/Spring 2006, v.8 #1/2 Spring 2007; News releases (1985, 1984, 1999, 2001-2002, 2004), News Clippings (2001, 2002, 2005); [Certificate/Award] United States Marine Corps Reserve "Toys for Tots" Commander's Award, 2001.



Memoranda, minutes concerning the program, space and construction requirements/

specifications for the Library Administration Building [Millstein Library]



General Files, [1966-1995]

Includes some minutes, agendas, library director’s notes, reports.  Files incomplete.

See also RG 35 UPG Senate Minutes for reports to the UPG Senate.

1966 October 3                       Minutes

1966 October 10                     Memorandum in re Library acquisitions

1970 October 2                       Minutes

1970 November 19                  Memorandum in re student member Library Committee

1971 January [?]                      Memorandum

1971 October 18                     Report, i.e., minutes

1972 February 10                    Minutes

1972 June 20                           Memorandum

1973 January 26                       Minutes

1973 March 16                        Agenda

1974 November 13                  Minutes

1975 January 29                       Memorandum

1975 October 31                     Agenda; Librarian’s report

1975 November 25                  Report of Library Committee

1976 March 5                          Memorandum

1977 October 25                     Librarian’s notes

1978 January 12                       Memorandum

1978 February 23                    Notes

1982 November 3                    Minutes

1983 October 24                     Librarian’s notes

1984 October 10, 12               Memoranda

1984 October 30                     Notes

1985 October 10                     Memorandum in re November meeting

1985 October 28                     Memorandum; notes

1985 November 3                    Memorandum

1985 November 18                  Memorandum

 November 4                            Notes

1989 February 17                    Minutes

1989 December 8                    Minutes; Librarian’s notes

1990 April 2                             Notes

1991 September 18                  Memorandum

1991 November 5                    Memorandum

1992 October 23                     Agenda includes copy of Self Appraisal document dated December 7, 1990

1992 October 27                     Memorandum from Pat Duck, Library Director to Wes Jamison, Pres., UPG Senate and to UPG Senate Library Committee in re Self Appraisal document.                     

1993 September 15                  Memorandum

1994 April 27                           Memorandum in re library move

1995 October 27                      Memorandum in re organization of Library Committee



Memoranda, plans for the move of the library from Powers Hall to the Library

Administration Building [Millstein Library]



12/14/73 Julia Tamkiewicz (JT) to Dr. Carl F. Poke (CFP) in re Missing Books Inventory of 1970; 6/18/74 JT to CFP, Library Holdings; 6/17/80 JT to CFP, Statement of Library-Middle States Report; 11/2/81 JT to All Faculty, Subj.: "[Response to the] Report of the Provost's Task Force on University Libraries." 9/17/82 JT to Pamela Vance, Circulation Figures UPG 1981/82; 12/3/82 JT to CFP, Library Budget, 1983/84; 6/3/83 JT to CFP, OCLC database, interlibrary loans, limited access to full database searching, estimate of size of collection as of 30 June 1983; 4/15/86 JT To: Dr. George F. Chambers. Subj.: Library Building Grant Request to Westmoreland County Commisioners. [A substantial amount must be offered to make a request for $500,000 from the County Commisioners to the UPG Library Building fund...granting UPG library borrowing privleges to residents of Westmoreland County over the age of 14...Advantages...Disadvantages...Possible Alternate Concessions...]; 9/21/86 Pat Duck to CFP, 5 year, FY87/88 - FY91/92 library cost estimates; 7/1/87 PD to All Faculty and Staff. Subject: Library Update [in re re-assignment of responsibilities that involve library services to UPG community; 10/10/98 Pat Duck to All Faculty and Staff, subject, “Silent Witness Exhibit”; 3/27/98 Pat Duck to Lou Ann Sears, subject, "Enrollment Management Committee Survey"; 4/19/99 PD to All UPG Faculty and Staff. Subj.: New Library System (Endeavor); 4/19/99 Evan Cornell to all Faculty. Subject: Reserve materials; 7/15/00, PD to Faculty and Staff, subject, UPG Campus Calendar; 11/11/04 PD [To: UPG Faculty and Staff] Subject: UPG Visual History. [launch of new image database containing 100 images culled from the UPG Archives and approximately 400 images from the Westmoreland County Historical Society]; 6/15/06 Pat Duck to UPG Faculty/Staff, Subject, New Library Tutorial; 8/8/06 PD to: UPG Faculty/Staff, Subject: UPG Circulation Policies; 8/16/06 PD [To: UPG Faculty/Staff] Subject: Just in time for Fall Term [in re completion of the on-line tutorial]; 4/3/07 [To: UPG Faculty/Staff] Subject: Scholarship and Invitation. Friends of the Millstein Library Scholarship winner, Andrea Zekas, second recipient of the $500 Scholarship which was created in 2000; 4/04/07 [To: UPG Faculty/Staff] Subject: Exhibit, “Visions of Egypt”, a photography exhibit by Robert Lynch, a Greensburg resident; 8/17/07, Subject: [ULS] Gift Policy for Journal Donations.; 12/11/2017 EMW To:[...Campus Library Colleagues. Subj.:LiveSolutions visit Tuesday morning [12/12/2017] "In response to Bonnie's passing..."

LIBRARY (POWERS HALL) 1966, Sept. 19 - 1979, Mar. 7
Includes: grant information and application, memoranda, library standards, project application




Floor plan

Miscellany: Facts About the Building; Naming the New Library Building; various newspaper articles on plans/funding for the new library.

Outlet [Electrical] Location Map 12-12-11


General File, 1996-2002

Includes: "A Proposal to the Millstein Charitable Foundation," in re the development of a
cultural series focused primarily on the written/spoken word, Oct. 1996; "Request for Funds
for the UPG Cultural Series: a Proposal to the Millstein Charitable Foundation," Nov. 1997;
correspondence (1997-2002) in re funding grants from the Millstein Charitable Foundation
for the UPG Cultural Series; News Release, 2/14/97, "UPG Introduces Cultural Series";
news clipping [1997?] announcing the underwriting of the UPG Cultural Series.


1997 October 7. “An Evening With Joyce Carol Oates”.

1997 November 12.  “An Evening With Michael Weaver”.

1998 October 7. Scott Turow.

1999 September 24, 25, 26.  THE SECOND MRS. DEMYAN, an original play by

K.C. Constantine sponsored by the UPG Cultural Series and the Greensburg

Bicentennial Committee and underwritten in part by the Hillman Foundation.

Proceeds benefit the UPG Scholarship Fund.  File contains the 5th draft of the

typescript copy of the play.  File also contains No. 6 of 111 copies of a printed,

signed edition of THE SECOND MRS. DEMYAN.  For video cassette of Sept. 24,

1999 performance, see UPG Archives RG60 VC VII.7

2000, October 5.  David Halberstam.  “The Culture of Celebrity”. (For video

cassette, see RG60 VC VIII.6.a)

2001, Oct. 25.  Robert Krulwich.  “Why Things Are The Way They Are (with a

focus on Science and Technology”. (For video-cassette, see RG60 VIII.6.b)


Academic Programs, UPG Self Study (1994/95)

Anniversaries (Millstein Library)

10th, 2005

Audio Visual Services (AVS)

Children's Literature Conference. See: RG52 Ser.: Events (Campus Sponsored)-- Children's Literature Conference.

Collection Development

1978-79. Contains: information in re consultancy of Dr. Hendrik Edelman (Ass't. Director of Collection Development, Cornell University) on the library collections at the University of Pittsburgh, Oakland and Branch Campuses; includes "Preliminary Report on the Collections at the University of Pittsburgh Libraries" dtd 8/16/78; ltr 2/21/79 Carl F. Poke to HE on UPG Library Budgets; report 3/28/78 [3/18/79], University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Selected List of Library Holdings Area of Business Administration; schedule for HE's regional campus visits; "Report on the Collections of the University of Pittsburgh Libraries" by HE dtd 2/28/79.

1982. Contains copy of University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Library's acquisition policy, "Selection Policy Statement University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Library", dtd [3/30/82].

1986. Memo dtd 6/13/86 from Julia Tankevicz to Dr. Carl F. Poke in re "UPG Program -- Information Science".

1988. Collection Assessment Study. Contains a copy of "University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Library Collection Assessment" by Dorothy A. Weber in 1988 together with a letter of transmittal dtd 5/24/88 from Pat Duck to all faculty members concerning the findings by Weber as well as an analysis of the report.

Distance Education (1994-1996)

Document Delivery (ILL)

1987-1988. Contains: memoranda from Pat Duck to various members of the University of Pittsburgh Library System re: enhancing document delivery between campuses; includes: a copy of a "Document Delivery Questionnaire" dtd 6/10/87; "Recommendations to CCUL" from the Document Delivery Committee dtd 8/3/87; "Final Report of the Document Delivery Committee" dtd 12/17/87.

Furniture Committee (1993-1994)

Furniture Inventory. Bids. (1995)

Gift, Instrument of. [Millstein Library University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg]

Goals and Objective, Millstein Library, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Contains: Goals and Objectives FY2003/04; Goals and Objectives, FY2005/06 dtd 7/05/06.

Joan Chambers Children's Collection

Library Budget [UPG Library Budget]

1980-1985/86. Contains correspondence between Julia Tamkevicz and Dr. Carl F. Poke regarding UPG library budget; includes fiscal year budget sheets for 1981, 1982, 1984; budget modification requests, 1986, 1987.

Millstein Library Memorial Contribution [Brochure]

Millstein Library. Miscellanea.
Contents: [Greeting Card] Happy Holidays...2015.
[Greeting Card] Happy Holidays...2016.
[Greeting Card] Season's Greetings [2017]

[Artifact] Ball Point Pens. 4 items. Inscriptions: "Chill at the Mill(stein) library"; "Pass your courses with Millstein resources."

Millstein Library Renovations [2008-2010]

Millstein Matters [Publication of the Millstein Library at the Univ. of Pgh. at Greensburg] Holdings: #1, Summer 2008; #2, Fall 2008; #3, Winter 2000; #4, Spring 2009; #5 Summer 2009; #6 Fall 2009; #7, Winter 2010; #8, Spring 2010; #9, Summer 2010; #10, Fall 2010; #11, Winter 2011; #12, Spring 2011; #13, Summer 2011; #14, Fall 2011; #15 Winter 2011; #16, Spring 2012; #17, Summer 2012; #18, Fall 2012; #19, Winter 2013; #20, Spring 2013; #21, Summer 2013; #22, Fall 2013; #23, Winter 2014; #24, Spring 2014; #25, Summer, 2014; #26 Fall 2014; #27, Winter 2015; #28, Spring 2015; #29, Summer, 2015; #30, Fall, 2015; #31, Winter, 2016.

One Book, One Community

Public Services Librarian

Staff Positions (Library Specialist III) (1987); Administrative Support (2000)


2005, Apr. 5. "Regional Campus Library Surveys Summary Results".
2005, Fall. Millstein Library Periodicals/Microfilm Survey.
[Undtd] Memorandum. PD to All Faculty and Staff. Subj.: Pittcat User Satisfaction Survey.

ULS [University of Pittsburgh Library System}

Brochure: “ULS Long Range Plan 2007-2010”; "ULS 2011-2014 Long Range Plan"; "ULS Long Range Plan 2014-2017"

In-Service Day, First Annual, December 17, 2007; 2nd Annual, Dec. 15, 2008; 3rd Annual, 2009-2010 Aug. 13, 2010; 4th Annual, 2011, Aug. 12; 5th Annual, 2012, Aug. 17; 6th Annual, 2013, Aug. 16; 7th Annual, 2014, Aug. 15; 8th Annual, 2015, Aug. 14; 9th Annual, 2016, Aug. 19; 10th Annual, Aug. 18, 2017.

Bookmark. Documenting Pitt: Historic Publications & Images of the University of Pittsburgh. [ca. 2006]

Program: Dr. Amy E. Knapp Room Dedication Dec. 15, 2008

Library Automation and Network Information Services (LANIS); memo 10/25/94 RGM to LANIS Members, subj.: LANIS Roll and Operations; Agenda mtng 10/28/94; minutes 9/26/2000 of meeting on UPG campus hosted by PD.

Memorandum (e-mail) from RGMiller to ULS Colleagues dtd 5/29/09 Subj.: ULS Staff Reduction.

Pin: ULS

[Announcement] FACEBOOK. Become a Fan! The University Library System. Univ. of Pgh. is on FACEBOOK.

[Brochure] Download Popular Audiobooks, eBooks & More.

[Pamphlet] University Library System, University of Pittsburgh. Guidelines for Faculty Librarians, Appointment, Review, Promotion, and Appeal. May, 1992. Approved by: University Library System Librarians, May 29, 1992; Senior Vice Chancellor and Provost May 29, 1992.

[Pamphlet] University Library System, University of Pittsburgh. Guidelines for Faculty Librarians, Appointment, Review, Promotion, and Appeal. Effective Date: July 1, 1999. Approved by: University Library System Librarians, December 7th, 1998; Director, University Library System, December 1988; Office of the Provost, February 1999.

Preservation Planning Project Study Team. 2v. Background Paper (March 1987); Final Report (Nov. 1987).

Christmas Greeting Cards: 2013, 2014, 2017

Invitation. Hillman Library Fiftieth Anniversary Gala Jan. 5, 2018

Invitation. University Library System Leadership Dinner. October 27, [yr.?]

Miscellany. [Guides, brochures to ULS collections and facilities.]

Digital Research Library (DRL)

Metadata Guidelines.
Contents: Documents: "Guidelines for Working with the DRL to Create Image Collecitons" (Revised 4 May 2004); "Metadata Guideline and Requirements for Image Collections, Historical Pittsburgh Group" (Draft v.1, 2004-03-24); "DRL Subject List as of 8-4-05"; DRL Checklist for Digitization Projects; Forms (Metadata Analysis Work Forms -- Record Creation; Dublin Core Elements; Sample Metadate Records, RDF XML Example. Documents: "VRA Core Categories, Version 3.0, A project of the Visual Resources Assoc. Data Standards Committee [2004?]; "VRA Categories v. 2.0, General Guideline [2004?]. Metadata Descriptive Completion Forms: Subject: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (Identifier rg60pr [print] 0001-0155, 0214, Filename rg60001-0155, 0214tif [extension for photo type]; University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (Identifier rg60sl[slide]10156-10213tif); Institute of Cultural Diversity; Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania [Subjects Various, rgs various. Also contains article "METADATA" from Wikipedia and a metadata bibliograph.

UPG Administrative Assembly

Westmoreland Symphony House Tour (June 20, 1994)

Work Study Students [Student Assistants]

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