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Historical Note

Mr. Carl A. Rossman


Dr. Guy Rosetti





As of June 1997, the office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs had responsibility for the following areas:


Student Life

Computer Center

Plant Maintenance

Security and Safety


Business Affairs

In May 2016 the Administration unit, i.e., Vice President for Administrative Affairs, was reorganized. In lieu of hiring a new VP for Administrative Affairs upon the death of the then current Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Carl A. Rossman, Jr., the following reorganization was implemented: Director of Financial & Business Services (including Campus Bookstore and Campus Risk Officer); Director of Facilities & Security (including overseeing Campus Police & Security; Director of Human Resources (including overseeing Conferencing Services; Director of Computing & Telecommunications.) [SPS memo. dtd. May 9, 2016.]








Note:   Mr. Carl A. Rossman assumed the duties of Vice President for Administrative Affairs on May 4, 1999.




[1999, Sept. 9?] Subject: Tom Miller’s Last Day. [Tom Miller, facilities maintenance,

is retiring after 15 years of a distinguished career]

1999, Sept. 4 [Repairs to Powers Hall Road which deteriorated from heavy equipment

usage during construction of the new dormitories]

1999, Sept.  24 [installation of two speed bumps along Lynch Drive]

1999, Nov. 11 [campus flag at half staff in honor of the Texas A&M students who lost

their lives]

1999, Dec. 16 [death of Al Laurent, University Safety Manager]

2000, Feb. 21  Subject: FY 2000 Wish List [requests response to his call for Wish List

inputs which were due 2/18/2000]

2000, Apr. 3  To: UPG Community.  Subject: Thomas Horan--New Director of Safety

and Security. [includes biographical information on Thomas Horan who replaces Charles

Westbrooks as Director of Safety and Security]

2000, July 8  [To: UPG Faculty and Staff] [Karen Mays left UPG to pursue other interests]

2000, July 28  via e-mail. [To: UPG Faculty and Staff] Subject: Bridge Closure. [foot

bridge traversing Slate Run Creek at McKenna/FOB closed for repairs Fri, July 31

through Aug. 4, 2000]

2000, July 28 via e-mail. [To: UPG Faculty and Staff] Subject: Theater Closure.

[Ferguson Theater closed Wed. through Fri, Aug. 2-4, 2000 for repairs due to a water


2000, July 30 via e-mail. [To: UPG Faculty and Staff] Subject: FOB Restrooms Closed.

[closed Wed., Thurs, Aug. 2, 3, 2000 for needed repairs]

2000, Aug. 3 via e-mail. [To: UPG Faculty and Staff] Subject: Village Hall Construction

[Behavioral Sciences Village Project update; construction impact--loss of use of rest

rooms, student groups space, meeting space for one month from mid-September]

2001, Mar. 2 via e-mail. To: UPG Faculty/Staff. Subject: Severe Weather--Delayed

Reporting at UPG. [The reporting time for all NON-UNION STAFF of UPG will

be delayed on Monday, Mar. 5, 2001 until 12:00 noon; all UNION employees will

follow the terms of their union contract]

2001, June 1 via e-mail. [To: UPG Faculty and Staff] [Subject: NACUBO Policy

Alert: Tax Bill (fwd)] [forwarded message from NACUBO which summarizes

the education benefits included in the recently passed federal legislation, “The

Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001]

2001, June 13 [To: UPG Faculty, Staff] Subject: University Owned and Leased

Vehicle Restrictions. [requests comment on two proposed restrictions: 1.  No students

under 21 would be allowed to drive a University owned or leased vehicle; 2.  All

faculty, staff and students over 21 would have to attend a training class, including a

driving test administered by the Director of Safety and Security in order to be allowed

to drive a University owned or leased vehicle.]
2001, July 9 To: Dr. Frank A. Cassell. Subj.: Gazebo for Formal Garden.
[...One improvement we plan to add to the formal garden design is a gazebo...
enclosed a catalog photograph of the gazebo showing its design...]

2001, Aug. 1 via e-mail. [To: UPG Faculty and Staff] Forwards document, “Fifteen

Passenger Van Executive Summary”, from Brian Cappo, Risk Management (Univ.

of Pgh., Oakland), for review and comment upon the draft.

2001, Oct. 19 via e-mail. [To: UPG Faculty and Staff].  Subject: “Questionable Mail”.

[relays “Guidelines on Handling Questionable Mail” put together by Tom Horan in

wake of the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center (Sept. 11. 2001).]

2001, Oct. 30 via e-mail.  To: Unspecified recipients [UPG Faculty and Staff].  Subject:

Postal Procedures Alert [relays information regarding mail handling procedures in wake

of the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center (Sept. 11, 2001).]

2001, Dec. 5 To: UPG Community.  Subject: UPG Mail Handling Procedures. [in wake

of the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center (Sept. 11, 2001) postal terrorism has

emerged.  Procedures outlined for: Outbound Letters; Outbound Packages; Inbound

Letters and Packages; Guidelines on Handling Questionable Mail; official UPG mail

will be processed through the UPG mailroom; no personal mail will be accepted in the

2002, Feb. 21 via e-mail TO: Unspecified recipients. [Appropriate form to use for contracted service agreement] Attachments: Guest Speaker. No Rights; Guest Speaker. Limited Rights; Guest Speaker. Unlimited Rights. n.b. See also; Memo dtd Sept. 16, 2004 in re Office of General Counsel in Oakland on the matter UPG Guest Speaker agreements.]
2002, June 15, 18, 26 and 2002, July 7 [Subject: Annual Independence Day Picnic and UPG tournament.]
2004, Sept. 16, To: Unspecified-recipients. Subject: Contracted Services Agreement. [The Office of the General
Counsel in Oakland has developed a standard Contracted Services Agreement form for use at the
Greensburg Campus. Attachments: Guest Speaker. Unlimited Rights; Guest Speaker. Limited Rights;
Guest Speaker. No Rights.]

2006, May 16 To: UPG Staff and Faculty. Subject: Budget Crisis. [...we are in the midst of a budget crisis...
brought on by our loss of enrollment...and lack of knowledge of the severity of the financial impact. The financial
impact...amounts to approximately $400,000 that we must return to the Provost from our budget before June 30, 2006.
We [had] estimated the impact would be about $300,000. The immediate action we are taking is to halt all routine
procurement actions. Only procurements that qualify as emergency situations or MUST HAVE items will be
approved prior to July 1, 2006. Please route all procurements through my office for approval before making any
purchases...[including] purchases made with your personal credit cards for reimbursement later or P-CARD
2015, June 17. Subject: 2015 Cleary Act Notice [Pitt-Greensburg Emergency Notice].
2015, June 21. Subject: Farewell Reception for Dave Robinson.
2015, August 24. Subject: [Appointment of Joseph Bleeshash as Director of Plant Maintenance].
2015, Sept. 9. Subject: [Selection of Daniel P. Lynch as the new Chief of Campus Police].
2015, Oct. 12. From: CAR To: [UPG] Faculty and Staff. Subject: University of Pittsburgh Facilities Plan Inputs. Request UPG Faculty and Staff input for the development of a new long-term facilities plan for the University of Pittsburgh. Includes an attachment Dr. David N. DeJong, Executive Vice Provost, Tasking E-mail in re: the process, a survey designed to collect information and reporting dates. Input to Mr. Rossman by 5 p.m., 10/14/15. Completed survey returned to Dr. DeJong by Friday, Oct. 30.
2015, Oct. 30. From: CAR To: Campus Community. Subj.: Director of Computing Services and Telecommunications. Appointment of Scott Coulson as Director.
2015, Dec. 5. From CAR To: Campus Community. Subject: Facilities Condition Assessment. [Company named ISES to be conducting a facilities assessment in each campus building beginning Monday, December 7, 2015.]
2016, Feb. 19. From CAR To: Campus Community. Subj.: Renaming of departments. [UPG Operations & Admin to Greensburg Administration Services; UPG Business Affairs to Greensburg Business Services; UPG Student Affairs to Greensburg Student Services; UPG Plant Maintenance to Greensburg Facilities Management.]
2016, Feb. 29. From: CAR To: Faculty and Staff. Subj.: Fire Alarm Communication Reliability Project. [...change over current fire panel monitoring and reporting system...]







1988, August 26. [Draft text of ltr by GR, then Dean of Administration, in re a 25th anniversary celebration of the founding of UPG.]
1994, January.  Report to the President on the Need for McKenna Hall Expansion.

1995, October 12. Letter. Suzanne Courtney of Design Dept., Image Craft, a company providing collectables, to Dr. Rossetti. [Design (June 1, 1995, Revised 8/8/95) of Lynch Hall for inclusion in the Cat's Meow Building Collectible Series.]

1996, August 8. Memoradum. Subject: Upcomin Construction. [Identifies two upcoming projects involving Smith Hall and McKenna Hall.]

1998, January 22. Subject: Position Announcement--Administrative Secretary

1998, August 26.  Draft letter on 25th anniversary celebration of the founding

of UPG.

1998, August 28. Subject: Terra House (Formerly Quinn Property). [Quinn house

and surrounding 6.2 acres of land; Peter Cecconi, Greensburg architect,

retained to design the conversion of the house; intended as a center for students

interested in international studies]


University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Facilities Plan: 1998-2007.
June, 1998. 59 p. [Title page reads: 9/3/98 Version Not proofed by Dr. Rossetti.]

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