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President, 1980-1996.  Chambers, Dr. George Ferguson





George Ferguson Chambers was born January 16, 1927, in Buffalo, New York.  He was appointed president of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in 1980 and served as the institution’s second president until his retirement in December, 1996.

Dr. Chambers was awarded his B.A. in Chemistry in 1947, his M.B.A. in 1956, and Ph.D. for Business Administration in 1958, all from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  He has served in such academic capacities as Professor of Economics and Holly Patterson Professor of Economics at Nassau Community College, Associate Professor of the School of Education, and as a member of the graduate faculty of the University of Pittsburgh. While at the University of Pittsburgh, he served for three years (1962-1965) as director of Development Programs.  He then left Pitt to become president of Nassau Community College on Long Island, New York where he remained until his appointment as president of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in 1980.




Contains: newsclippings; “Reflections on Time Well Spent”, retirement address, November 22, 1996; invitation to retirement dinner, retirement dinner program

CORRESPONDENCE. Funds Solicitations, Dec. 1980-Jan.1987.

Contains: request for proposal funding with replies and acknowledgments; also includes acknowledgment and thank you letters for unsolicited gifts to UPG.



1983, January. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. A Budget Analysis and Five Year Proposal.


1984, November 9. An Overview of Problems and Program Proposal; A Case Statement - the College of General Studies.

1986, November. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. A Five-Year Development Program: FY '88 To FY '92.

1987, January. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Addendum. Five Year Development Program: FY '88 To FY '92.

1987, February. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Cultural Resource Management Program.

1987, July. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. The Specification of Baccalaureate Programs at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg: A PRMS Proposal.

[1987] [PROPOSAL] PRMS--Degree-Granting Status for the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

[circa 1988] The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. An Art Gallery and Commons Proposal to the Timken Foundation.

[circa 1988] The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. A Library and "Commons" Proposal to the Perot Foundation.

1989, May. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. A Proposal for a Joint Public/Private Endeavor To Construct a New Library.

1989, May. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Twenty-Five Years of Service. 6 p. Includes: Interim Report Five Year Development Program. [May 1989] 9p.

[circa 1989] The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. A Library Proposal to the Sarah Scaife Foundation.

[circa 1989] The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. A Faculty Office Building - Phase III Proposal to Arthur F. Humphrey, Jr. and Virginia Grosscup.

1990, December 7. The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Self-Appraisal: Executive Summary. University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

1990, December 7.  Self -Appraisal: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.  December 7, 1990.  19p.

[Includes: I. History,Mission, and Goals Statement; II.  External Opportunities and Constraints; III.  Internal Strengths and Weaknesses; IV.  Aspirations for the Future. Appendix I, UPG Fall Term Enrollment, FY ‘71- FY ’90;  Appendix II, UPG Physical Plant Projects Completed, FY ‘88 - FY ‘90, UPG Physical Plant Projects Completed, FY ‘91- FY ‘94.]

[circa 1991] The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. An Undergraduate School of Management and Finance. A Proposal to Sony Corporation.

1995, October  A Self Study for the Evaluation of Academic Programs at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. October, 1995.


1980, Dec. 17. To: Dr. Rhoten A. Smith. [Subj.: Adjustments to current year's campus budget and FY82 budget.] Subjects include: growth in student population, class size, equipment needs, need for maintenance and groundkeeping services, conversion of the current auditorium in the Science Building to a multi use building to include theatre production capabilities, need for real computer capabilities on campus. Attachments: I, The Need for Full Time Instructors in English and Math-Computer Science; II, Library Shelving; Biology-Exhaust Fan and Refrigerator; Psychology-Provision for Animals; Psychology Needs; Laboratory Stools - Biology and Physics; Biology--Dissecting Microscopes; Audio-visual Equipment Needs; Chemistry-Air Filter Water Separator & Pressure Regulator & Gage; phase in of Chemistry 127, Instrumental Analysis; Engineering Laboratory Equipment; Wireless Learning Center; Summary of Costs, I, II.

[1982] [Undtd Memorandum prepared for the Advisory Board] Subject: Tanglewood Chronology. [Details the events leading to the acquistion of the property and facility now called University Court.]

1984, Nov. 9. To: Dr. Roger Benjamin, Provost. [Subject: Comments and thoughts of the several constitutencies you met during your recent visit. Contains enclosure, "University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg An Overview of Problems and Program Prospects."

1985, April 1. To: All Full-Time Faculty. Subject: Mission Statement.

[Mission Statement of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg And a Statement by the Advisory Board of the Campus, March 29, 1985. 39 p. + 4 p.

1985, April 19. To: Dr. George Chambers. From: Dr. Thomas E. Wolfe. Subject: Points of Information. [In re: UPG campus representative to the Executive Committee for Academic Computing.]

1985, April 22. To: Dr. Chambers, et alia. From Ken Luffy. Subject: Personal Computer Lab. [Draft proposal for a Personal Computer Lab to Support the future of the Engineering program at UPG]. Attached is a Sept. 25, 1985 copy [draft?] of the proposal].

1988, July 22.  To: All Faculty and Staff.  Subject: UPG’s Degree-Granting Status.

[Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through the Secretary of Education, officially

ratified the actions of the University’s Board of Trustees changing UPG’s status

to that of a degree-granting campus]

1988, November 9.  To: All Faculty & Staff.  Subject: UPG Sexual Harassment Representative.

[Judith Vollmer completes her term; Estry Ang appointed as new representative]

1992, Feb. 12 To: Advisory Board Members. Subject: Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. [...Prof. Judith Vollmer, recipient of the Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award for 1992.]

1994, July 26. To: Members of the Faculty & Staff. Subject: Enrollment. [some concern to all of us on campus, namely, the significant decline in Freshman enrollment for the fall of 1994.]

1995, November 14. To: University Community. Subject: Smokeless Tobacco Policy.
[The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg has approved a Smokeless Tobacco Policy. “The use of smokeless tobacco including chewing tobacco and snuff, is prohibited in all University owned and leased facilities including residence halls, and in all University vehicles.” Since this policy is an extension of the Smoking Policy, I would ask that all students, faculty, staff and their guests to make a good faith effort to see that smokeless tobacco is used in the same restrictive manner and places as smoked tobacco.]


Degree Granting Status, UPG

Contains: copies of 3 ltrs (9/26/88, 9/28/88, 10/7/88) from President Wesley W. Posvar MSA [Middle States Association] Commission on Higher Education in re degree granting status of the UPG campus; Letter. 1989, Jan. 26. From GFC To: [Members of the UPG Advisory Board] [Requesting attendence of Ad. Bd. members at the first degree-granting commencement ceremony, Sunday afternoon, April 23, 1989, at the Sheraton Inn in Greensburg. Dr. Robert Wilburn, former member of the UPG Ad. Bd. and current president of The Carnegie in Pittsburgh, main speaker.

Library/Administration Building [Millstein Library] 1990-1993

File contains: correspondence, memoranda, fact sheet, news releases, news clippings, groundbreaking program/activities in re construction of a Library/Administration Building later designated as the "Millstein Library" and dedicated in honor of Fanny K. Millstein; funded through a combination of Commonwealth and University funds and a major gift from the Millstein Charitable Foundation.

Long Range Planning Policies


Middle States


[Report] Middle States Report, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, February 1, 1983

[Memorandum] February 28, 1983 From: Rhoten A. Smith. To: George Chambers. [re: Interim Middle States Report.]

[Memorandum] October 5, 1983 From George F. Chambers. To: Karen Kovalchick. [re: condensing the Greensburg Middle States report to a few pages.]

[Report] An Interim Report for the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools: The University of Pittsburgh Regional Campuses at Greensburg and Titusville - report [with attached letters from Bruce Dearing to Wesley W. Posvar, December 12, 1983 and Roger Benjamin to Dorothy Heindel, November 15, 1983.]

[Report] Mission Statement of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg And A Statement by the Advisory Board of the Campus. March 29, 1985.

[Report] Periodic Review Report (A Report to the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools), 1986. University of Pittsburgh.

[Letter] Edward V. Ellis to Wesley W. Posvar, June 30, 1986. [re: followup report of status of branch campuses.]

Memoradum. From: Donald M. Henderson. To: Drs. George Chambers, Richard McDowell and Michael Worman. July 5, 1988. Subject: Report to Middle States Association.

Memoradum. From: Donald M. Henderson. To: Middle State Committee. August 2, 1988. Subject: Draft Report to Middle States. [with draft attached.]

Memoradum. From: Donald M. Henderson. To: Dr. George Chambers, et. al. September 30, 1988. Subject: Middle States Association Follow-Up Report.

[Booklet] Middle States Association Commission on Higher Education: Professional Staff Assignments & Master List of Institutional Codes [with memorandium dated December 19, 1988, To: Chief Executive Officers of Member and Candidate Institutions. From: Howard L. Simmons, Executive Director.]

[Memorandum] From: Sandy Latini. To: President George F. Chambers. January 9, 1989. Subject: Middle States Association Annual Institutional Data Summary.

[Inquiry] Fax sent to Sandy Latini from Carl F. Poke. January 16, 1989. [re: statistics regarding UPG as relevant to Middle States required information.]

[Memorandum] To: Dr. James Hunter, Associate Provost (cc: Dr. George F. Chambers). From: Norman W. Scanlon. July 30, 1991. Subject: Middle States Accreditation of the Regional Campuses.

Memorandum. To: Dr. Frank H. Blackington and Dr. George F. Chambers. From: James O. Hunter. June 11, 1992. Subject: Middle States Visit on September 23, 1992.

Pitt-Greensburg Foundation

Contains: copy of ltr 10/2/86 from Mike R. Robinson, Attorney at Law, to Eugene Baker, [Pa.]Liquor Control Bd. as a result of a telephone discussion in re the incorporation of the Pitt-Greensburg Foundation in 1964. Lists the officers of the Foundation as Robert Davis, President; Vincent Finoli (recently deceased), Secretary; John Robertshaw, Jr., Treasurer. [Note: the copy in the UPG Archives does not hold the enclosures noted in the letter.]

University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees
Agenda, Fall Meeting, Oct. 23, 1992. [Includes: Resolution to Establish the Lillian B. Lawler Fellowship Quasi-Endowment; Report of the Nominating Committee; Report of Audit Committee; Report of the Academic Affairs/Libraries Committee; Report of the Health Sciences Committee; Report of the Institutional Advancement Committee; Comparative Summary Reports (gifts and grants (Excluding Sponsored Research) for the period August 11, 1991 and August 31, 1992; Membership 1992-1993 Board of Trustees; 1992-1993 Board of Trustees Committee Members; University By-laws; “The College of Arts and Sciences: Choices for the Nineties” report to the Board of Trustees by Dean Mary L. Briscoe, dtd Oct. 23, 1992.

University of Pittsburgh Review, The, Sept.-Nov. 1995. 126 p.

[Report of a 5 member external institutional person team authorized by the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustee, chaired by J.W. Connelly, "to assist the Board of Trustees in assessing the condition of the inivesity in conducting the chancellor search process".

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