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President, 1962, Nov. 15-1980. Smith, Dr. Albert Barnes, Jr.





Subject Files

Advisory Board



Albert Barnes Smith Jr. was born April 21, 1915, in Pittsburgh, a son of the late Albert B. and Valeria Fetterman Smith.  He died at the age of 75 at his home in Greensburg on Saturday, Feb. 16, 1991.  Prior to his retirement in 1980, he served as the president of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg since its founding in 1963, although he was officially appointed to the post of president effective Nov. 15, 1962.  He began his career at the University of Pittsburgh in 1939, and served as dean, director of development and special assistant to Chancellor Litchfield before being named president of UPG.  He was a member and elder of the First Presbyterian Church, Greensburg.  He served for a number of years as secretary and assistant treasurer of the board of trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.  He was a member of the Greensburg Rotary Club, United Way Board, Historical Society, the Central Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce, and served on the board of directors of WQED.  He was a 1937 graduate of Westminster College, received a masters degree from the School of Retailing at the University of Pittsburgh, and studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Business.  He was also awarded honorary doctoral degrees from Westminster and Seton Hill Colleges.  He was a World War II veteran, having served with the U.S. Navy Seabees as a lieutenant in the Supply Corps. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a daughter, Deborah Ann Smith.  At the time of his death, he was survived by his wife, Lucile Nevin Smith (who later died on June 25, 1997); a son, Albert B. Smith III of Denton, Texas; a daughter, Mrs. John (Sandra Lucille) Hanna of Omaha, Neb.; a brother, McElroy Smith of Corpus Christi, Texas; 10 grandchildren; and a number of nieces and nephews.





BIOGRAPHICAL File. Retirement.
Contains: Planning activities for the retirement of UPG President Dr. Albert B. Smith and includes: Plans for naming UPG's Science Building in his honor and a copy of the UPG Ad. Board resolution to name for that purpose; a luncheon sponsored by the "Appreciation Committee at UPG"; acknowledgment Rotary meeting honoring ABS, 5/20/1980; Seton Hill citation 5/15/1980 read at its commencement on 5/11/1980; events Testimonal dinner-dance, Greensburg Country Club, May 30, 1980.


GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE, 1963-1989 (bulk 1965-66).  20 items.

Subjects inter alia include: delay in the fund raising campaign for UPG from 1964 to 1965 and a request to the Barclay Office of Mellon National Bank and Trust Company, Greensburg, for an extension of a loan payment as well as a request for an additional loan amount; acquisition of Starboard Light and the remodeling/construction of a permanent campus; ltr 1/16/1970 ABS to Mayor [of Greensburg] Robert A. Bell in re snowy and slippery conditions of alley running between Tunnel St. and Otterman St. which are hazardous for students and the general public; ltrs (1971) of appreciation and thanks to donors of gifts to the UPG Business Administration Library Fund; ltr (5/2/75) ABS to Helen Clay Frick seeking a commitment of support for the construction of a Student Activity Center; new Science Building; ltr from ABS dtd 4/25/88 to UPG Pres., Dr. George F. Chambers in which ABS mentions an approach to Ross Perot through Mrs. Perot [items mentioned in the letter as enclosures not identified or included. faz]; ltr dtd Feb. 2, 1983 ABS To: Jean [Jean K. Wilcox, member of the UPG Ad. Bd. (?)] Subj.: [...suggested bronze placque to be mounted in the Science Building in tribute to Eric C. Summers, first Chairman of the Advisory Board of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg...].

PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE, 1944-1989 (bulk 1962-64).  21 items. 

Subjects inter alia include: Application dtd 1 Apr. 1944 to C. McK. Lynch for commission in the U.S. Naval Reserve; Annual Giving Program, Hood College; WQED Channel 13, Greater Greensburg Planning Assoc.; retirement of Bishop Wm. G. Connare, Bishop of Greensburg; Robert J. Nossen, retired Provost and Prof. of Higher Education at the Univ. of Pittsburgh from 1972-85; ltr dtd 3/20/89 from Dr. Rudolph H. Weingartner to Univ. of Pittsburgh Faculty explaining his decision to resign as Provost at the University of Pittsburgh; ltr (5/12/76) Pittsburgh Foundation to ABS in re the James G. Fulton Internship Program; ltr (1/13/78) acknowledgement by Pittsburgh Theological Seminary of ABS gift to its Alumni Giving Fund; ltr of congratulations (7/21/78) ABS to Robert L. Thompson on RGT's appointment as Executive Vice President of Ketchum, Inc.



A.   Reflections Of A President: The Early Years.  By Albert B. Smith, President

Emeritus, U.P.G.  Greensburg, Pa.  August 1, 1989.



List of Contents



Chapter I         A New Campus Is Born

           II          The Advisory Board

           III         Temporary Selection Of A Campus Site

           IV         Recruiting The First Class

            V         We Open Our Doors

[Unnumbered   Chapters]

Development Of The Permanent Campus

Additional Land Acquisition

A Permanent Campus

Early Financing

First Fund Raising Campaign

An Evolving Academic Program

First Dorms

Intercollegiate Athletics

Relationship With Seton Hill College And Westmoreland

   County Community College

Westmoreland Museum Of Art

Community Service

B.   Photocopy of manuscript (copy 1)

C.   Photocopy of manuscript (copy 2)

D.  Miscellaneous notes
E. Typed manuscript. 38 p.


MEMORANDA, Feb. 25, 1963-Sept. 16, 1964, 1972, 1975, 1988


Subjects include: development of program for the Greensburg Campus; fund raising campaign; identification of individuals for leadership positions; site location for Greensburg Campus.  Contains inter alia: “Aide memoire 3/25/64 by ABS, subject, “Conversation with Mr. Dan Snyder in re Downtown Greensburg Site”; aide memoire 4/9/64 by ABS for the files, subject, “Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Downtown Site in Contrast to a Rural Site”; aide memoire 4/27/64 by ABS to the files, subject, “Discussion of Campus Site with EHL [Dr. Edward Litchfield] with PHP [P.H. Powers], LM [Lawrence L. Monnett, Assistant Chancellor for Business Affairs], JG [John Geise], and ABS.; “Summary of Meeting Held September 16, 1964 Relative to Fund Raising Campaign for Greensburg Campus [attending: Dr. Edgar B. Cale; Dr. John Geise; Mr. P.H. Powers; Dr. Albert B. Smith; Mr. Eric Summers]; aide memoire 12/7/64, subject, “Advice to parents seeking professional help for children having school difficulties”; memo. 7/5/72, To Robert J. Nossen, Assoc. Provost for Regional Campuses, subject, “Possible Directions for the Academic Development of the Greensburg Campus”; memo. 6/3/75 To Administration, Faculty and Staff, subject, “Matters of current concern and interest (centralization of staff personnel, new Student Activity Center, construction projects, university budget ‘75-’76, two faculty positions); memo. 8/28/75 To All Faculty and Staff, subject, “New Parking Patterns at Mt. Pleasant Rd. Campus”; aide memoire 4/1/88, subject, “Conversation with Bernie Koperak 3/30/88 in re Harry Birmingham uncle of Sue Mitinger and Margot Perot (their maiden name Birmingham); miscellaneous notes; memo. (8/13/76) Rhothen A. Smith, Provost to All Deans and Regional Campus Presidents, Subj.: Proposal for Local foundations Support; [aide memoire] 8/1/77 ABS to UPG Fund Raising File. Revised text of a memo of 10/26/64 to P.H. Powers from ABS in re Thomas Mellon.


BASKETBALL, 1970-1974

Contents: ltr 3/13/70 ABS to Dr. C. Meade Beers and ltr CMB to ABS in re use of Greensburg Salem School District gymnasium by UPG for basketball games; ltr 1/27/72 ABS to The Hon. Robert A. Bell, mayor of Greensburg and ltr RAB to ABS dtd 2/8/72 in re use of the old National Armory Bldg. by UPG basketball team; memo 11/13/73 John C. Hunter to Charles H. Kuhn Jr. in re "Guard Service-Inter-Collegiate Basketball" events at the Greensburg Salem facility; memo 3/8/74 C.F. Poke to ABS, Subj.: "The Termination of Varsity Sports at UPG" (includes copy of request by Charles Andrews, UPG SGA president to [UPG] Senate Council, Subject: "Basketball Program." File also contains: Basketball Expenditure Budget 1971-72; official basketball budget 1972-73; ltr 2/28/74 ABS to Harry P. Bowser in re "discontinuing varsity basketball" as of the current 1973/74 season (attached are copies of ltrs sent to members of the basketball team; ltr 4/3/74 Casimir J. Myslinkski, Univ. of Pgh. Athletic Director to Dr. Richard E. McDowell, Pres. of Bradford Campus with cc. to ABS, et alia, in re cancellation of subsidies fo basketball scholarships at regional campuses. In addition file contains: Basketball rosters 1971-72, 1972-73, 1973-74; BASKETBALL: Schedule, Roster, and Information Sheet [1973] (Won-Loss 1969-1972 ; Basketball Roster 1973-74; Basketball Statistics 1973-74; Player Profiles); Booklets: Basketball 1971-72, 1972-73; Programs: Pitt-Greensburg vs. Allegheny Community College 12/11/69, Pitt-Greensburg vs. Westmoreland County Community College 1/21/74; Newspaper clippings [undtd but circa 1971-1974].



Includes: correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings relevant to the opening of a campus of the Univ. of Pittsburgh in the Greensburg area and to the formation of a steering/development committee for the purpose of having the Greensburg area campus in operation by Sept., 1963; covers the period Sept. 27, 1962-Nov. 15, 1963.  Minutes 2/14/63 deal with inter alia: methods of financing initial development costs and estimated deficits for the first two years; leasing of building at 123 North Maple Ave.and auxiliary space for a library and faculty offices in the Ramsay building; attractive features of the proposed location within the city of Greensburg.





Correspondence, memoranda, notes in re the Charles Mck. Lynch estate, [proposed] agreement of a lease with Morris Ramsay for the Ramsay Bldg., [proposed] lease with the School District of the City of Greensburg in re the Maple Ave. bldg.





Includes: correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings in re the formation

of the Advisory Board of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, fund raising,

facilities, site location. 

Includes: ltr dtd 6/7/63 from EHL [Chancellor Edward H.

Litchfield] to Eric C. Summers of West Penn Power Co. inviting ECS to accept

appointment to the Advisory Board of the new campus of the University of Pittsburgh

at Greensburg; list 6/17/63 of UPG Advisory Board members; ltr 11/5/63 from ABS to

Eric Summers in re committee possibilities for the Ad. Bd.; ltr 11/8/63 from EHL to

Eric C. Summers inviting ECS to serve as chairman of the Ad. Bd. of UPG Campus;

memo. 11/12/63 from ABS to P.H. Powers, subject, “Notes for the Ad. Bd. meeting

on 11/14/63 [biographical data on Eric C. Summers]; memo 12/12/63 from ABS to Ad.

Bd. members, subject, “Student Comments” [student impressions of the Greensburg

Campus]; memo 12/31/63 from ABS to David Moyer, subject, “Permanent Campus

Requirements at Greensburg”; memo. [copy] 1/31/64 from John Geise, Vice Chancellor

for Regional Programs, to EHL, subject, “Data Regarding the Financing of the Greensburg

Campus” [n.b., lacks enclosures]; [memo.] 2/3/64 of a meeting on the Greensburg Campus

Campaign in the Chancellor’s Office; memo. [marked confidential]2/17/64 from ABS to the Ad.

Bd., subject, “Summary of Committee Activity since Nov. 4, 1963 meeting of Ad. Bd.

(possible expansion of present site to form permanent campus; Estate X; Lynch Estate;

Area C-Town Site; memo. 6/1/64 from ABS to Eric Sommers, subject, “Adjusted Site Analysis

--Summary (Area A-Raw Land; Area B-Lynch Estate; Area C-Town Site; memo. 6/1/64

from Lawrence L. Monnett, Jr, to various individuals, subject, “Greensburg Campus, University of Pittsburgh."

Acquisition of Property from Estate of Charles Mck. Lynch and Tim Lynch, III”; minutes

Ad. Bd., UPG 6/4/64, [subject: Charles McKenna Lynch Estate, Starboard Light.

Includes resolution to recommend to the Bd. of Trustees of the Univ. of Pittsburgh

purchase of the Charles McKenna Lynch Estate, Starboard Light as the permanent

site of the Greensburg Campus]; memo. 10/8/64 from ABS to various individuals,

subject, “Summary of Strategy Discussion Relative to Starboard Light Problems

outlined in Mr. Powers Memorandum of 10/6/64" and includes attachments: memo.

of 10/8/64 to various individuals, subject, “Suggested Statements of Inclusion in

Starboard Light agreement Relative to access road”; memo. 10/1/64 from Philip M.

Powers to various individuals, subject, “Starboard Light Problems”; memo. 9/24/64,

subject, “Summary of Discussion of Matters Relevant to Settlement of Purchase of

Greensburg Campus site [Lynch Property]”; memo. in re meeting of Oct. 14, 1964 at

the Greensburg Campus of the University of Pittsburgh [purpose of the meeting “To

arrive at a mutually agreeable solution with reference to these questions: A. The

boundaries of the property to be conveyed to Mary L. Quinn across the driveway from

her residence; B.  The further use by the university of the present driveway in front of

the Quinn residence”.] Agreement [this is an unsigned copy of the supplemental

agreement to that of 6/15/64 in re Lynch property]; Report on the Preliminary Stage of

the Campaign of the Univ. of Pgh. at Greensburg to the members of the Advisory

Committee submitted by [Hugh P. Fosters], Ketchum Inc., Nov. 2, 1964 [this copy of

the report includes correspondence from Eric C. Summers, chairman of the Ad. Bd.

in re matters dealing with the fundraising campaign as well as minutes of a meeting

held 9/16/64 relative to Fund Raising Campaign for Greensburg Campus held in

Dr. J. Geise’s office]; News Release, “Pitt-Greensburg Campus Announces $7,500,000

Building Program; minutes of Ad. Bd. mtng dtd 12/15/65 [subjects: President’s report;

Development Fund Campaign; state relationship; new Johnstown Campus; academic

excellence and commending the Greensburg Campus for having done the most

outstanding job of all Pitt regional campuses in building a quality faculty and

maintaining high scholarship standards; aide memoire 3/13/67 by [ABS] subject,

“Coulter Property Adjoining Starboard Light” [offer from Mr. Jack Coulter to sell 30

acres adjoining property at Starboard Light.  Unable to purchase at this time; An added

holograph note indicates that “Later did buy four acres”.] ltr dtd 5/14/68 from Eric C.

Summers, chairman of the Ad. Bd. Committee of the Ad. Bd. of the Univ. of Pgh.

at Greensburg [in re membership of the Ad. Bd.]; [Position Paper from [M.R. Rose dtd

11/28/68 titled, “Position of the Regional Campuses of the Univ. of Pgh.”]; memo. dtd

1/28/69 from ABS to David M. Smith, Treasurer, Univ. of Pgh., subject, “Property

newly acquired from Thomas Lynch, III [property in question about present campus to

the south and fronts on the Brinkerton Road; valued at approximately $2000 per acre.

Has resolution of the Ex. Committee, UPG Ad. Bd., concerning payment of outstanding

debt incurred in the purchase of the Lynch Estate.]  See also: RG02.1 Subject Files: Dormitories;
Proposals [Student Activities Center; Construction Residence Facilities; Science Building.]   


Includes: correspondence, memoranda, minutes, rosters of the Advisory Board of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and the Executive Committees of the Advisory Board; building construction and costs; land procurement and purchasing.


Aide Memoire, [Albert B. Smith]

1-30-74 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Approval by board of installation of fire hydrant in Lynch Hall area]

2-20-74 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Recommendation to the Chancellor for the construction of a multi-purpose building, parking area, and access road by Roach, Walfish, Pellis & Lettrich, Architects]

9-18-74 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Approval of the maximum cost of the multi-purpose building project from $597,250 to $610,784 due to changes in road patterns and length as recommended by Chancellor Posvar]

1-9-75 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Recommendation that Luther S. Singley be appointed to a three year term on the board]

1-14-75 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Recommendation to Chancellor that university purchase a 6.4 acre tract of land across from campus on Mt. Pleasant Road for $26,000]

1-16-75 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Recommendation to the Chancellor that the university purchase the 6.4 acre tract of land across from campus on Mt. Pleasant Road for $26,000]

4-29-75 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Granting of water and sewer line easements requested by Mr. Art Noble]

8-15-75 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Recommendation that John D. McGeary be appointed to a three year term on the board]

10-17-75 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Approval of a change order permitting sound foundation construction]

5-4-76 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Request to University's Board of Trustees to approve sale of building at 122 Maple Ave., Greensburg]

5-25-76 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Approval of plant fund expenditures for a series of physical improvements to update and maintain campus facilities]

7-28-76 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Recommendation that university accept bid of Ernest Renda Contracting Co. re: sewer line {bid attached}]

11-2-76 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Approval for physical improvements focusing largely on safety of students and faculty]

5-17-77 [Aide Memoire?] AB Smith, secretary, [Notice that the Spring 1977 Advisory Board meeting took place on May 17th with the Board of Trustees and afterwards was the dedication of the Science Building. Program attached.]

6-13-77 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Approval of expendure of $37,000 for replacement and upgrading of equipment in computer center]

9-18-78 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Recommendation that Mrs. Thomas J. Jamison, Frank M. Fires, and J.V. Morford, appointed to three year terms on the board]

9-18-78 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Recommendation that Marshall Schober be appointed to a three year term on the board]

2-9-79 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: "Supporting Immediate Completion of the New Stanton-Delmont Expressway (Relocation of Route 119) For the Central Westmoreland County-Greensburg Area"

4-23-79 AB Smith, secretary, Resolution: [Congratulations to Robert H. Davis upon being named recipient of Humanitarian of the Year Award and thanking him for his contributions to UPG]

Minutes, Letters, Memoranda, Etc.

[Includes minutes of the Executive Committee, the Campus Development Committee and joint meetings of the Advisory Board and Campus Senate.]

Contains: memo. 2-20-74 from William M. Flavin, Grant F. Neely & AB Smith to UPG Advisory Board [AB] members, subject, "Proposed Construction of a Multi-purpose Building and Additional Parking Lot" [detailed with space and costs]; ltr. 8-2-74 from William M. Flavin to AB members, subject, "Summer Report" [in lieu of summer meeting, summerizes and highlights past months at UPG inc: current roster of AB through June 30, 1977]; memo. 11-12-74 from AB Smith to Harry A. Smith, Jr., subject, "Mission Statement, Campus Development Committee of Advisory Board of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg"; ltr.1-6-75 from AB Smith, secretary, to Mr. David M. Smith, Treasurer, University of Pittsburgh, re: [explaining how the price for the 6.4 acres purchased was negotiated, who to contact to expedite the transaction once approval is granted]; memo. 4-18-75 from George E. Simmons to Dr. Albert B. Smith, subject, "Sewer and Waterline Easement through University Property"; ltr. 5-13-75 from George E. Simmons to Mr. Arthur Nobile, re: [approval by AB of his request for a water and sewer line easement]; ltr.4-29-75 from William A. Roach to Mr. Harry A. Smith, Jr., Chairman, re: [results of a Project Feasibility Study by his archetectural firm for an Activities Building at UPG (includes study with statistical data]; memo. 5-6-75 from AB Smith, secretary, to Dan Marino and Art Nobile, subject: Starboard Villa Townhouses [not undertaking the purchase or use of them for student occupancy]; memo. 5-25-76 from AB Smith to Mrs. AT Collins, subject: "Report - Nominating Committee"; memo. 5-25-76 from AB Smith to Grant F. Neely, subject: "Report - Campus Development Committee"; memo.5-25-76 from AB Smith to Grant F. Neely, subject: "New Busniess - Resolution Recommended by Campus Development Committee"; ltr. 5-14-76 from John W. Beavers, Senior Warden, to Harry A. Smith, Jr., Chairman, re: [offer to purchase property at 122 N. Maple Ave., Greensburg for $100,000]; ltr. 5-27-76 from AB Smith, President, to Dr. Robert Nossen, Assoc. Provost for Regional Campuses, re: [detailing resolutions passed by Advisory Board on May 25th, noting projects and costs]; memo. 7-1-76 from Thomas L. Wentling, Chairperson, to members of the AB, subject: "Advisory Board Roster" [notes current three-year roster through June 30, 1979]; ltr. 11-4-76 from AB Smith, President, to Robert Nossen, Assoc. Provost for Regional Campuses, re: [detailing resolutions approved by AB on Nov. 2, 1976, noting projects and costs]; memo. 7-1-77 from Thomas L. Wentling, Chairperson, to Members of the AB, subject: "Advisory Board Roster" [notes current roster through June 30, 1980]; memo. 8-9-78 from Thomas L. Wentling to Members of the AB, subject: "Advisory Board Roster" [notes current roster through June 30, 1981]




Includes: letters, memoranda, reports

Subjects: statements of operations, indebtedness, revenues & expenditures, capital fund summaries


"A Proposal To Irwin Bank And Trust Company For Participation In The Construction Of A Student Activities Center On The Campus Of University Of Pittsburgh At Greensburg" [October 22, 1975]

"A Proposal for the Construction Of Residence Facilities on the Greensburg Campus" [September 20, 1976]



1965    Greensburg Campus Development Fund Campaign Organization.

Greensburg Campus Development Fund [ca. 1965]. [Printed Document] 8p
[1976?] Brochure. “This is a special invitation to Westmoreland County Pitt alumni and friends to visit
your Pitt campus on the Mt. Pleasant Road some time this summer…Albert B. Smith, President.”

1977    Planning Directions for Academic Programs--1989-90. [Typed Document dtd 1977] 67p
1979    President’s Newsletter, September 6, 1979. 2p


 Programs, organizational newsletters.


"Tour of Lynch Hall" by Dr. Albert Smith. See RG61 C.14


ADDENDUM 2016-2017
Note: This represents material processed during the period 2016-2017.

SUBJECT FILES (Contains: memoranda, minutes, correspondence, reports, invitations, proposals, agreements, press releases, archetectural maps, pamphlets, by-laws. Significant items have been highlighted.)

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION [Nov. 17, 1971-Nov. 12, 1980]

"Affirmative Action Program for Employees" Draft, September 1979; "Title IX Self-Evaluation Survey of Current Policies and Practices"

CAMPUS [GREENSBURG CAMPUS, HEMPFIELD TWP.] CONSTRUCTION 1963-1965.  Documents relating to the planning and implementation of the construction program for a proposed Greensburg Campus on “Property Comprising the Estate of Charles Mck. Lynch, T. Barret Quinn, Robert Rial and Adjacent Parcels, Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland Co”.


DORMITORIES [May 17, 1976-April 1, 1980]

"Proposal for Construction of Residence Facilities on the Greensburg Campus" 3-30-77; "Report for Construction of Residence Facilties at the Greensburg Campus by the Senate Building & Development Committee, May 1978"; Narrative description and schematic design boards for Expansion 1979 by Roach, Walfish, Lettrich Architects (Nov. 3, 1978)

FUEL [1967-1968, 1974-1975]

"All Electric Analysis for University of Pittsburgh Greensburg Campus Academic Building" 1-11-68 West Penn Power; "Comparison of Gas and Electric Energy Systems University of Pittsburgh Greensburg Campus, Greensburg, Pennsylvania" H.F. Lenz Co. [undtd., circa 1968]; "University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg Campus Project Meeting at Lynch Hall" 10-3-68 Peoples Natural Gas (folder)


LAND ACQUISTIONS [August 3, 1967-May 6, 1975]

Includes: information on McKelvey purchases

McFEELY-ROGERS FOUNDATION [Dec. 23, 1974-Dec. 14, 1979]

McKENNA FOUNDATION [Dec. 16, 1976-Dec. 5, 1980]


File contains: the program, remarks, 3"x3" color photographs and newspaper clippings of the dedication of a bronze plaque marking the "Boyhood of Thomas Mellon" located at Hills Church and Cline Hollow roads, North of Export, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania on Sept. 14, 1975.


MILLER REPORT [undtd; circa 1969]

Includes correpondence/report from Albert B. Smith to Dr. Frederick Miller, April 2, 1969

NURSING [Jan. 8, 1968-Mar. 31, 1977]

OPEN HOUSE (UPG) [Oct. 7, 1969-Aug. 23, 1979]


Includes: correspondence mainly between Albert B. Smith and politians of various levels (local & state) about support for bills, funding, status of UPG, and thank-yous.


SCAIFE FOUNDATION [Oct. 14, 1966-Aug. 1, 1977]

SGS (School of General Studies) UPPER DIVISION [Oct. 1, 1973-Nov. 8, 1978]

SGS BUSINESS (School of General Studies) [Sept. 19, 1972-Oct. 31, 1979]

SCIENCE BUILDING [undtd; circa late 1960's - mid 1970's]

SETON HILL COLLEGE [Dec. 30, 1970-Jun. 3, 1977]

SEWARAGE [Mar. 15, 1967-Mar. 15, 1979]

ST. VINCENT COLLEGE [June 17, 1971-Dec. 31, 1975]

UPPER DIVISION [July 14, 1971-May 3, 1974]

Includes: proposal to change to Upper Division programs September 1974

VOLKSWAGON [Aug. 8, 1977-Mar. 8, 1979]

WEATHER [Oct.-Dec. 1979]


WHITEFORD DINNER (Fundraising for UPG Campus) [Jan. 1967 - Mar. 1969]

WHITEFORD SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (Development of at UPG) [Sept. 25, 1969-Jan. 4, 1970]


ZOFFER LUNCHEON [Oct. 3-18, 1979]

ZONING [May 3, 1968-April 19, 1976]
























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